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Don't see your favorite phrase on here? Add it to the comments and we could add it to our list!
Annifursary = Anniversary
Appaws = Applause
Barkarita = Canine version of a margarita, see also Dogarita
Barkday = Birthday
Bestdog = Bestfriend
Bi-ped = Human (aka 2 legger)
Bi-petual=Someone who has both dogs AND cats
BMTO = Bark(ing) My Tail Off
Baby Dog=Puppy
Boydog = Boyfriend
BOL = Bark Out Loud
BTW = By the Woof (as in "by the way")
CCH = Champion Chow Hound
Chewish = Jewish
CNT = Champion Nap Taker
Condogulations = Congratulations
Conwagulations= Congratulations
CPE = Certified Poop Eater
CRE = Car Ride Enthusiast
DGD = Darn Good Dog
Dog Bless You = God Bless You
Dogalicious = Either delicious and/or wonderful (depends how you use it)
Dogarita = Canine version of a margarita, see also Barkarita
Dogeriffic = Terrific
Dogter = Doggie Doctor, aka the V-E-T!!!
Dogstergram = Instagram
DST = Dogster Standard Time (which is EST)
Everyfur = Everyone
Everypawdy = Evverybody
Everywoof = everyone
FKE - Face Kisser Extraordinaire
For Whining Out Loud = For Crying Out Loud
Furbling = Sibling
Furbro = Fur brother
Furbulous = Fabulous
Furever = Forever
Furget = Forget
Furiday = Friday
Furiends = Friends
Furless = Human
Furless sister/brother = Human sister/brother
Furmily = Family
Furrific = Terrific
Fur = Dogs, cats, mammals
Fursis = Fur sister
Fursonal/Fursonality = Personal/Personality
Furtastic = Fantastic
Girldog = Girlfriend
GMB = Give Me Bones
Gotcha Day = The day a dog joined his or her forever family
HU = Hackles Up!
Hubro = Human brother
Husis = Human sister
Howlidays = Holidays
Howlloween = Halloween
HQ = Dogster HeadQuarters - this refers to the people that run Dogster and Catster
HumaNana = Human Grandma
Humom = Human Mom
I Woof You = I Love You
Kind Woofs = Kind Words
Landbounds = How Angel Dogs/Cats refer to the living dogs and cats
Much Woof = Much Love
Muttcracker= Nut Cracker
Mywoof = Myself
Nopawdy = Nobody
No woof = No one
NPC = Naughty Pups Club
OMB = Oh My Beagle
OMD = Oh My Dog
Pawesome = Awesome
Pawfect = Perfect
Pawlay = Play (like, Pawlay Ball!)
Pawlease = Please
Pawmazing = Amazing
Pawpular = Popular
Pawrayer(s) = Prayer(s)
Pawrecious = Precious
Paws crossed = Fingers crossed
Pawtriotic = Patriotic
Paws Up! = Heads Up!
Pawty = Party
Petcretaries = Pet Secretaries, aka Humans or Typists
Pmail = Pawmail as in Dogster email (aka PM aka PEE Mail)
PLE = Plate Licker Extraordinaire
POP = Power of the Paw
Power of the Paw = Power of prayer, encouragement, hope, and support
Pupcorn = popcorn
Pupsi = Pepsi or everyone’s favorite Cola
Pupsicle = Popsicle
ROFBMTO = Roll on floor barking my tail off
Skin babies = Human children as opposed to fur babies (dogs and cats)
SLATs = Sniffs, Licks And Tail wags
Somefur = Someone
Somepawdy = Somebody
Somewoof = Someone
TDIF = Thank Dog it’s Friday
Tippaw = Tiptoe
Tripawd = A three-legged dog
Two Leggers = Humans or typists
With Woof = With Love
Wondogful = Wonderful
Woofday = Birthday
Work in pawgress = Work in progress
WWHQD? = What Would Head Quarters Do?
WWPN = Wee wee pads needed, for when something is so funny you lose control!
WWW = Wiggles, Woofs & Wags
Yappy = Happy (Like Yappy Howlidays)

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