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Hello, my dog is two years old. She was a rescue abandoned outside, and was a little high strung throughout her puphood. We recently moved into a new place, and before we lived with a lot of people and now it is just her and I. Since moving into our new place, she has started forming aggressive behaviors. Before she was skittish but still relatively friendly, but now no one can be near her. I even had a friend from before we moved that she knew over and she acted normal initially, and then later in the night they were snuggled up on the couch and my dog flipped on her - snarling and barking and tried to bite her. They were just sitting there, nothing out of the normal. I am at a loss of what to do, thank you.


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    Is it possible that she has an injury that you don't know about... Take her to the Vet to eliminate any possible physical issues.
    If there is no physical problems it could be stress.
    Dogs don't just become aggressive for no reason...

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    I would say it's probably stress. Dogs react to stress in different ways. I have moved around a lot the last ten years and never had a true problem until we adopted our newest dog. After the move, he became aggressive toward strange dogs who got into his personal space. It's possible that the stress is causing part of your dog's body to hurt and your friend just happened to touch that part.

    I highly suggest seeing a behaviorist to nip this in the bud, especially since the aggression is directed at people. Aggression formed into a habit is truly a nightmare of epic proportions.

    You can also create short positive interactions where the friend pets comfortable parts of your dog and the dog gets treats. After that the dog gets a time out somewhere they like (for mine it's the human bed). It's all about controlled interactions and giving your dog the least chance of acting out.

    If you are really concerned that your dog might bite someone, you can train your dog to wear a basket muzzle while you are training confidence into the dog. We have one for our dog for when we go to the pet store or anywhere he might come in close contact with strange dogs. Muzzles look terrible but I find them to be an excellent training tool because I'm much more relaxed which causes my dog to be more relaxed.

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