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Think my dog is addicted to eating my mom’s pet fish.

My mom’s pet fish jumped out of a fish jar one day long time ago and my dog found a fish on a floor and ate it. After that day she always try to eat my mom’s living pet fish in other fish jars, like try to put her mouth and paws in the jars. She ate about 5-6 of it so far. I tried to put her nose near my mom’s death fish and hit her to make sure she knows that eating my mom’s pet fish is a wrong thing. After I hit her, she seems to know she did wrong because she acted like she’s feeling guilty but the next day she ate it again. What should I do? Please help.


  • Sandy_Kramer_etcSandy_Kramer_etc BangorPosts: 109,051Member ✭✭✭✭✭

    First put the fish up higher.. out of reach is possible. Second, when you are not home, block off any rooms the fish are in so that she can't go near them. And third when she does have the opportunity to go near them whenever she makes an attempt, clap your hands or do other things to distract her so she will learn that the fish bowls are off limits.

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  • MrsMadeleineMrsMadeleine Posts: 9Member

    Number one... put the fish out of reach. Fish are food and your dog has tasted them and found them delicious! Do not allow her to stare or fixate on the fish, you are the leader or should be. Basic manners should be taught to her, Sit and Stay when you command her to. If your dog has never been taught these basic commands, that is your second step. Once she learns these commands, send her away from you to sit and stay in another room every time she fixates on the fish. Give her something else to chew on while she's in the Sit and Stay. I had to teach my dogs to respect my chickens, I sent my older one away everytime he fixated or stared at my chickens in the wrong way. He loves to be close to me so that was a very effective consequence for him.

  • DesignerDogCugletDesignerDogCuglet Posts: 15Member
    Lets say you put the fish on the ground and then scolded her. She may learn that fish on ground=punishment. That may or may not solve the problem. Before she knows that, however, she could think you are unpredictably getting mad at her. When she acts guilty, she is probably just thinking, "Angry human, acting like this makes them happy again". Iv'e never had a dog that likes to eat fish, but if it were my dog I'd try hiding behind something while my dog is near the fish bowl. If he tried to get the fish, I'd say ah ah (not in an angry voice). Then, still hiding, I would wait for a time when she looks like she wants to get the fish, but shows self control. Then I would reward that with some tasty fish treats bought from the store. You could always give this a try. Its what I did with my dog when he was marking upstairs. IDK if this would work... I really don't know... but maybe if you find half a fish lying around somewhere, cover it in tobasco sauce and allow her to take a taste. Our dog stopped chewing the inside of her crate and her leash when we covered them with tobasco sauce, and i've heard bad tasting stuff recommended for furniture chewing, so if you've got half a beta why not? I agree with the other people, about putting the fish out of reach. Its probably the simplest way.
  • DesignerDogCugletDesignerDogCuglet Posts: 15Member
    P.S. You might try teaching her impulse control around fish first. Put her in a sit stay across the room from the fish. Give her a treat if she stays (the tread doesn't have to be very large). If she doesn't stay, back up until she ignors the fish and stays, and then give her a treat for obeying. Then move a little closer to the fish and have her stay. If she tries to get the fish, simply move back up again so she ignors the fish and stays. Gradually do this until she can be close to the fish bowl and you can point to the bowl and say, "look at the fish!" and she will stay. Then you can try the hiding around the corner and watch her. Give her a gentle correction by saying ah ah if she tries to eat the fish, and give her tasty treats if she ignors them (at first, you can give her treats if she looks at the fish, but shows self control and doesn't try to eat them). Honestly, the spicy dead fish idea was just that, an idea, but again, you could try that if you want. I'm not a dog expert, but Iv'e done similar things with my dogs and they seem to help. I really hope your dog looses its fish taste buds! Good luck!
  • Lori HayesLori Hayes Posts: 5Member
    1st hitting a dog teaches them nothing. the dog has no idea when you put her nose there and hit her that it was because she ate the fish. 

    teach her yo be around them by giving her other things to play with. if she fuxstes on the fish tell her no . put the fish out of reach would be the best option. shes found them tastly already.  but it can  be learned not to eat them with consistency and patience. 

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