Not taking my pet to the vet while she was pregnant

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Hello this is the first time I am writing on this community I just wanted to put my little story out there for somebody who might be interested and just if they are going through anything like I went through. Darla is my rat terrier Chihuahua mix dog she had just turned to at the end of August basically long story short I didn't have enough money to take Darla when I found out that she got locked with another dog on accident because I wasn't paying attention I never took her to the vet because I didn't have the money I wasn't even sure that she was pregnant or I kept thinking in my mind will maybe she didn't get pregnant she did get larger a little bit but not too much. I thought I was over feeding her with treats or something but one day in the middle of September she popped out for puppies early in the morning every half hour one puppy popped out. I had done some research before she gave birth just in case (at this time I was still in denial a bit) and I kept reading that I should take her to the vet no matter what to make sure she's okay to make sure how many puppies she's going to have and stuff like that and in case she needed a C-section otherwise she could face death and I freaked out but I just did not have money to take her to the vet money was the problem here and in case she needed a C-section I wouldn't be able to cover that so I freaked out a little bit I even cried a little bit as I would look at her sometimes but I just let nature take its course. I really had to. I risked it because I have friends who owned many different breeds of dogs and they would tell me that when they had dogs who were going to have puppies they would literally be born in the house without going to the vet some friends told me no take her to the vet it was just 50/50 you know, anyway she gave birth early in the morning on September 15th she was panting breathing hard and woke me up and she was dragging my clothes from one spot to another spot and I knew that she was in labor and going to give birth to puppies I just make sure I was there with her the whole time no matter what because I knew that something could possibly go wrong and I wouldn't know what to do I can't take her to the vet I don't have the funds to pay for anything at this point but I just hoped for the best and she did give birth to 4 puppies they're all healthy three boys and one girl and every day I look at her and I tell her every single day that she did a great job giving birth to her babies and that I am so very proud of her and I knew that she could do this. I know now the next time to take her to the vet or any other dog to the vet and to get proper care I really did put her life at risk possibly and I feel bad about it but she did a great job and she is healthy her puppies are healthy I haven't even taken her to the vet after I just looked after her and her puppies and did so much research online and I just kept a close eye on her to make sure that nothing was going to go wrong after and she healed properly. I am now in a better State financially for her puppies and her but I just wanted to put my story out there in case anybody was interested thanks.


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    It is not always easy to do the right thing when money is an issue. I am glad everyone is healthy. I would suggest talking to your vet and see if they have payment plans in case something comes up again. Lots of things can happen not just pregnancy. If not, then try other vets in the area. I personally have a small savings acct set aside just for vet bills.... Even if you only add a few dollars a week it would add up and at least cover the cost of a vet visit.
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