Older dog suddenly peeing and defecating in house

We have a 6 year old corgi/terrier mix. We moved to a new house in August, and ever since then she has started peeing and pooing in the house-always the same places (there are like 5). At first it was once in a while, but now it has increased to several times a day. We can let her outside, and she will literally go somewhere and pee almost immediately afterward. I work during the day and we have a babysitter at the house, I know she lets her outside, but probably does not have time to monitor her. I feel bad putting her in a crate or trapping her somewhere during the day at this point in her life. Does anyone have any ideas why she might be doing this? And even better, how to stop it.


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    She might have a physical issue or have some anxiety about the new house. Take her to the vet to eliminate those possible issues. Then clean the areas really good... steam clean them if possible and then when dry sprinkle the area with baking soda and let set for a while to get the smell out. any lingering odor will just entice her to go there again.
    If she is an older dog she might also have a mental issue, going through a second puppy hood... you may have to retrain her to go outside. With lots of treats when she does her business outside and a mild reprimand when she goes inside.

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    6 is really not old! My 14 year old has accidents, but always in one area, so I keep pee pads down, and it's just pee. I agree you should eliminate health issues. As for the carpet cleaning I discovered from another site that cold water is best for the stains and odor. And I use Nature's Miracle in my carpet cleaning machine as well. Good luck!
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