i don't know what to do

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I have an aggressive Lab / Pit who has attacked two dogs in our own home. She attacked our puppy about a month ago leaving two puncture wounds on the puppy's face before I separated them (she stopped as soon as i yelled and grabbed her) the bites didn't require stitches. Then tonight she attacked a family friends dog leaving a single puncture wound, nobody stopped them and it broke up after the bite on it's own.

background on Mandy: We got her at 7 - 8 months old from the local humane society which is where she was raised till that point. She was always a hyper dog, but we are do groomers and brought her to work every day, she even started going to a doggy daycare to play and socialize. After about a month she started showing crate aggression at work. We own our own shop but we never intermix dogs so when she was crated she'd bark and snap occasionally playful at other dogs. We figured that was just pent up energy she wasn't burning off.

But after about half a year at doggy daycare they put her into what they call "selective group" telling us that Mandy wasn't aggressive but rambunctious, to the point which irritated the other dogs. She would get to play with one or two dogs similar to her and all was well. They explained that they'd work on getting her back to big group eventually (which never happened). We stopped using them about 4 months ago because we discovered Mandy was getting little to no play time if her "friends" weren't at day camp. (again we have our own shop why would we pay someone to crate our dog)

Mandy also at an unknown point began guarding the basement. i live downstairs in my family's home and she's my dog so we spent a lot of time together down there. I fed her, her crate was there basically it was our apartment. on the first 4th of july we had her I brought my family's older dog Honey (chow terrier) downstairs to calm her from all the fireworks. Mandy became anxious and once or twice lashed out, never biting just body blocking and a raised lip. They eventually slept together and began to relax. After that it was hit or miss she'd be on edge if another dog came down to "our" home.

We adopted a puppy 11/20/17 a 3.5 month old for my mother. The puppy (duckie another Lab Pit) was our attempt to fix Mandy's loneliness after leaving doggy day camp as well as getting my mom her own dog (honey is a loner so my mom wanted a cuddle buddy.) mandy took right to Duckie out the gate, they became inseparable, playing sleeping, pretty much everything shy of eating together. They came to work with us and played it was a match made in heaven. Mandy even shared the basement with the puppy. But one day mid December Duckie came running down the stairs to see her sister and me (she just started taking the steps that week on her own) Mandy lunged at her on the bottom step. She got Duckie above and below the eye, as well as under her jaw. We rushed the puppy to the vet because we never heard a dog make the noises Duckie made. The vet shaved some hair and gave us some pain relief / antibiotics and told us it wasn't bad. He proceeded to tell us not to put the dogs together again, or only with a muzzle on Mandy (which freaked us out because we couldn't muzzle our dog 24/7 it wouldn't be fair)

I did some research and saw that the vet was way off base and that they should be reintroduced, and they took to each other just like before. i'll be honest we started babying them after that, not letting them roughhouse to much and of course they where never left alone together. My grandfather passed away that week, and we inherited his dog a senior mutt bringing us to a grand total of 4 dogs. thumper was around our dogs a lot so she settled in and everything more or less went back to normal. me and my mom took shifts where we'd let duckie have the basement or mandy separate. trying to make mandy understand it wasn't just her space. it seemed to be working.

This past friday we were given a 5th dog for the next 2 weeks. (Pujous a client and close friend has nobody to watch their special needs dog)
so we took it on, as we've done for 8+ years. Everything was fine Pujous knew every dog in the house they again all got along swimmingly and we kept them in two's thumper and Mandy, Honey and pojous, duckie and me in the basement switching out like musical chairs. Yesterday Thumper needed same day surgery for a growth on her back which burst so we of course took her in she had it done and she came home to recover. Having stitches on her neck and having a zoo of dogs she had to be quarantined on her own. Leaving us 4 dogs and two areas to keep them.

so today started out already crazy I discover my mother was sick. She was bedridden all day trying to sleep it off. I had to run to our small business cancel our day and take care of her today. Against my better judgment at one point she was awake and wanted Mandy (she is a great cuddlebug and really is good at reading people / being close to them.) So she had Honey who lost her room to thumper, pujous who liked her best, and mandy while I had Duckie. Then she apparently dozed off. next thing I know i hear two not so happy barks, a yelp, then I'm busting my butt getting up the steps. Mandy had bitten pojous on the side of the face leaving one puncture wound. She stopped on her own but I have no idea what happened. i KNOW it was 10000% my fault but I'm so distraught that this has happened again. i'm filled with so much emotion and anger at myself that I'm just lost. After pojous leaves we don't even know if we can keep our puppy because we don't know if we are being fair to Mandy, Duckie, and every other dog with our current issues.The puppy is a rescue and still is cute though it would break our hearts if we did have to return her.

i've contacted a trainer just before this to get an opinion but I just need help.

I'm sorry for my rant and thank you to anyone who actually reads this


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    Wow that is a tough one. Without knowing why she bit pojous It is hard to give suggestions. But I would suggest until you get her into training the best thing to do is, Let them socialize as much as possible when you are there to supervise, but keep them separated when you are not around. Even if you have to leave the room take Mandy with you.

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