The 10 Dumbest Dog Breeds Article Dated 18/01/2018

MZapMZap Posts: 3Member
I was catching up with my email when I saw an article appear in my inbox from with the title “The 10 Dumbest Dog Breeds”. I generally don’t post and have also enjoyed reading articles from the site. However, I must really question the logic in allowing such a piece from even being posted with such a title. The article has since been removed and the comments section has been closed. It begs to question what the logic was, what type of scientific data was used, and how intelligence is measured across various breeds that have been bred for specific traits. Obviously a herding dog will not perform at the same degree as a hound, working dog, or other group.
I have been training my dogs from childhood with the help of other people from time to time. From my experiences, dogs are like people in the sense that they carry a unique personality and training is never the same from one dog to another. I was dumbfounded that a list actually exists. From all of the breeds that I have trained in my life, my beagles have been the most challenging, but they have also been my most rewarding. If it is their stubbornness to be trained an intelligence factor, then I will agree that it can appear as though they are not too smart. However, with the help of a trainer, I realized that it wasn’t my dog that was dumb and unruly, but my training technique that failed. As a result, I learned new methods to train my beagles and even managed to work one up a step away from becoming a therapy dog; unfortunately, separation anxiety got the best of her due to my military career. Otherwise, all my beagles have been trained for urban living and are not a bother in an apartment like dwelling environment.
I hope that will update their article and not just swipe it under the rug. I would like to see how a “dumb breed” is defined. I sincerely believe that no dog breed is dumb. Just like people, there may be one that is not smart, but that doesn’t mean that the whole lot is dumb. I am interested in reviewing any scientific data that correlates to dumb dog breeds and how intelligence is defined and measured across dog breeds. Who knows, maybe my idea is flawed and I was lucky with all my dogs. Otherwise, such an article discredits the purpose of this site.
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