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Hey everyone! My name is Allison and I have a 3 year old Shepard Mix named Gaia. As a puppy she had a bit of a growling problem but nothing a quick "No" wouldn't fix. She has always been very hyper and not stranger friendly. However she will get a little too excited when she does see someone she knows. My husband and I moved in with his mother and her two dogs about a year or so ago. Since the move she has become absolutely horrible and I have no clue what to do with her anymore. I can't give up my baby but at the same time she is stressing everyone in the household out and just will not listen anymore. His mom was one of the people she would get super excited to see and that has not died down what so ever. As soon as she hears her cough in the morning, she wont stop crying until she is let out of our room and to her. Which does really hurt your feelings after a while too. When his mother is home she could care less about us. Gaia and I have always been tied at the hip and its starting to feel like she's not my dog anymore. Whenever I go to discipline her (Light slap on the rear) I get growled at, not just a little growl; more like "Im about to bite you". This goes for everyone else as well even his mother. Gaia is also very territorial; wont let the other dogs lay on his mom or even play with a toy without a fight starting. She wasn't like this before we moved here, and Ill be honest his mother will let Gaia do whatever she wants and just doesn't care (I guess because it's not her dog?). Barks at everything and will not stop no matter how many times we yell or leave the room. The only thing I can think of his to kinda quarantine her away from the mother and other dogs until I get her behavior back on track. But at the same time I don't wanna stress her out. She's also not fixed, maybe that would help? I love her to death and she's been with me every single day for the last three years. I just don't know what to do, she actually made me cry earlier because of another growling incident. If anyone has any advice what so ever, I would appreciate it very much. 


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    Having her fixed may help.   Also be sure you are the only one that feeds her.   Most dogs are food driven.   If she feels you are the only food source she will be more likely to respond to what you ask

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