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staky85staky85 Posts: 1Member
So I live with my younger sister in an apartment. She recently adopted a black lab who is now 4 months of age. For the first few months she was really into him, taking him out to play, and spending a lot of time with him. But lately whenever I get home from work it's as if she just dumps him on me and runs off. Or she leaves him in his crate and figures I will be home soon to play with him. She works nights and I work days so I'm usually home with him at night anyways. He is very naughty (of course cause he is a puppy ) but it's starting to really take a toll on me. I work 13 hour days and run a very busy clinic, I feel like he is my second job but he isn't even mine. I didn' mind watching him while she's working, but this has turned into much more than helping out while she is working. 
I guess my question is how do I tell her she either needs to step it up or he has to go to a family with more time for him? Every time I mention this she freaks out saying that I'm over reacting and that I make it seem like he is really hard to watch. And yes he is. He is into everything unless I'm constantly entertaining him, which is draining after being at work all day. Even on my days off I'm watching him for a long part of the day and night 
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