7-1/2 week German shepherd pees a lot

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I have a female GSD puppy that's approaching 8 weeks. She seems to pee way too often -- as in every 10 to 15 minutes while she's awake and active. I understand that active play promotes peeing, but I don't remember my previous GSD puppy being so frequent. The situation is play 5 minutes, run to water bowl. Play five minutes, run to water bowl. Pee on floor. Wash, rinse, repeat. The other trouble I'm having is she absolutely refuses to use pee pads for some reason. She avoids them or uses them as chew toys. I've tried two different brands since the first one had a lot of perfume in it which I think was sending the wrong message. Potty training so far (peeing anyway) has been an exercise in frustration. But she does sleep the night without a problem -- usually one trip outside around 3am.

One last thing, she seems under size, though I may be looking at her based on my previous GSD which was a large puppy and got to 105lbs. Currently, Gypsy is 8.5lbs. I'm thinking she should be closer to 12+lbs at 8 weeks. Mamma was skin and bones and was nursing a large litter (10 pups), so I'm wondering if that might have set Gypsy back somewhat.


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    I would have the vet check her just to be sure she doesn't have a UTI.  But otherwise it could just be the excitement.   Have you tried using newspaper instead of the piddle pads.   or put paper over the piddle pad.   It might be the texture of the pad that confuses her.   

    You might also want to just try taking her out more often and giving her lots of praises every time she piddles outside.   

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