Need to feel better... help.. Fear aggression in my dog...

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I need someone to help me feel better
advice is good too
Im just feeling bad in my stomach because my dog is fear aggressive/reactive and it makes me become scared and reactive as well.. I yelled at her and stuff and I feel bad.. I shouldn't have done that because im not trying to scare her more.

I have two small mix dogs (cookie- 10 lb/ ginger -15 lb)
Ginger has always been afraid. I don't know what happened to her, she came from a shady people when she was a baby and I once had to leave her at the vet which made her fears worse (I'm never leaving her with strangers or around other animals again)
She's super sensitive. 
But the biggest problem is her reactive aggressive behavior. When she is scared she bares her teeth and almost immediately begins snapping at the other dog. She is afraid of big dogs, baby dogs, small dogs, loud dogs, quiet dogs, all dogs. She will warm up to being around a dog if given time, but she doesn't know how to play with them. Any play behavior scares her. She lives with my other dog Cookie just fine, but they can't really play. (we play with toys which helps) but they can't wrestle or anything because Ginger will inevitably be afraid and start attacking Cookie. 
That just happened again just now, which is why I'm here. Cookie likes to roll around in bed and paw at things and play "bitey face" (not real biting)
I was like "yah see she wants to play", but Ginger is afraid and wont participate and eventually she lunged started snapping at Cookie aggressively which Cookie started to defend herself and I had separate them) and that's when I yelled at her.

Im just shooken up and I know im not a lone in this and i was hoping someone can make me feel better.
and I just want the best for ginger.. I dont want to scare her. Im always monitoring her and trying to keep her out of situations. I guess I just expect her to trust her sister a little more. it makes me sad that Cookie cant play with her. I know i need to just stick to what works like toys. 


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    Try keeping them in separate areas where the can sniff each other without being able to touch each other.  That way she will feel safe and if she does snap she can't hurt the other dog.  It may take a while but I would think eventually she will realize no one is trying to hurt her and then you can then try putting them where they can get closer and maybe play 

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