At what point is this abuse?

lulnishalulnisha Posts: 12Member
I know somebody who has a dog that has serious health problems. He got diagnosed with hypothyroidism which is considered a auto immune disease that can kill the dog if not handled or treated. The dog will deal with this disease for life and has to take a pill every day .

The owners of this dog at first where not cooperating with the vet not wanting to let him run test to confirm that he has this. It wasn’t because they didn’t have the money because they CAN afford it. They just chose to argue and call the vet stupid and bad mouth him.

This dog has been suffering his skin is bright red and inflamed because he’s losing tons of fur to the point his neck is basically completely hairless it has spread to the right side of his face and right side of his neck and has fur missing around one of his eyes on his stomach on his tail and around his tail there isn’t no fur at all that is working it’s way to his lower back.

hes literally going bald it’s getting worse.

well now he just RECENTLY started taking his medication for his hypothyroidism . He hasn’t been on it for more then 2 weeks . This is because the owners have realized hey the vet is not stupid he does have this disease.

ive spoken to them about how they need to change his diet he eats beneful which is not good at all for dogs who have this disease . The owners complained about how it’s expensive to purchase a new brand of dog food I suggested Wellness core which I read IS suggested by vets for dogs who have hypothyroidism they also suggest taste of the wild and hills science diet etc...

anyways the owners have money to do this it’s a fact they just won’t they just paid to have their house re molded on the inside both bathrooms and kitchen plus paying the workers . 

The owner who is around the dog the most is constantly yelling at him to eat or has him on a collar and leash to use the bathroom in the back yard which isn’t necessary because it is fenced in completely . 

Collars are not recommended for dogs with hypothyroidism the vets told them this and told them to massage coconut oil into the areas his furare missing  to help with his skin irritation but they don’t because it’s disgusting that’s what they said . They don’t even pet him because they act like they can catch hypothyroidism from the dog which isn’t true

There are supplements they got told can help with hypothyroidism and they won’t get it for this dog either .

They know this dog can die and how serious it is.. this dog looks sad every time I’ve seen him which I know is making his immunity weaker and that’s not helping his hypothyroidism it’s true it’s not ... 

advice please ? I love this dog so much I don’t know if this is considered abuse or not because the owners will start lying and saying we’re doing everything we can hes on his thyroid medicine they act like they don’t know what to of done sooner even though I was telling them .

another thing I’m worried about is he’s a pit bull and pit bulls in the area they live in are not allowed to be adopted out they are euthanized . 
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