Watering my Dog

sbledsoe52sbledsoe52 Posts: 2Member
This isn't really about my dog, she's too small but my Brother has a couple Black Labs he Rescued, they love to spend hours in their Fenced Back Yard but he can't keep water bowls out, they like to play with them too much. Anyways he saw this and wanted to know if anybody else might have tried it, it does look cool and can't be knocked over as traditional bowls, but he doesn't want to spend money on Junk .https://amzn.to/2Ie8N0t Any suggestions would be appreciated, I love the Dogster Magazine and so does Penny, My little one. Great info here too so I know you guys can help. Thanks


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    As the former owner and operator of a dog hotel for over 23 years, I often had dogs in my care that would make a mess with their water dishes. Labs and Golden Retrievers were the worst with putting their paws in and dumping the water. The product that you have a link to, could be chewed up by your brother's dogs. What I do here is I take a large pail of water, like the kind you can buy for horses, and using a carbiner link or other such link, I attach the pail handle to a chain link fence. If you don't have chain link fencing, you could attach a screw eye to your wooden fence and attach the pail and link there. Another great idea for warmer months is to give your dogs a small wading pool. Keep that filled and refreshed for these dogs. They will love it! And they may stay out of the water pail too. Some dogs will attempt to put their paws into the water pails. https://raising-a-good-dog.com Good luck :) 
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    We use the water bowls that are divided for dogs that eat too fast.   its hard for them to put their paws in so they don't bother.   You could also try using a large bowl and putting something in it to weight it down

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