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hi all,
well tomorrow I finally get my first dog, a bichon Frise as emotional support dog. I'm no longer calling him Buddy, his name is Flynn. I have him registered, microchipped, vaccinated etc. I'll be getting pet insurance too but need your advice. I wanna make Flynn as happy, loved and healthy etc as I can't. Since fluoride caused my brain tumor I'll give him the same loss fluoride water I drink/cook with and would like to keep processed dog feed/nuts etc to a bare minimum by cooking his meals from scratch and storing in bulk in big American fridge freezer. I was told by a new friend that's a vet and bichon owner to feed him the same as me ie potatoes, veg, rice/pasta and a meat eg fish fingers. Is this correct? I'm just cautious as I'm a new "DADDY" lol. Any cheap, healthy, home cooked recipes for him to replace processed dry dog food. For example, tonight I'll be making myself homemade corned beef hash consisting of. Cooked, canned corned beef mashed with potatoes and low fat spread, topped with grated cheese and cooked in oven. Will that suit both me and him? The guy selling 9 week old Flynn to me is giving a bag of kibble food so I'll use that up first before exercising my culinary canine skills😝😊🐶 thanks 


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    I would recommend if you don’t want to give your dog dry kibble, to give him wet dog food. This is basically a pre- prepared meal for dogs. I like doing wet food because it’s simple- just heat it up, yet I know my dog is getting all the nutrients he needs. I would recommend Rachel Ray dog food-it’s a great brand that comes in a wide variety of flavors. You can try Chicken Muttballs,Hearty Beef Stew, Chicken Paw Pie, Lamb, Rustic Duck Stew and more! My dog absolutely loves this and I love being able to see the ingredients. I wouldn’t try making your own dog food, unless you are planning to buy multiple vitamin supplements. I would recommend wet food- it’s quick, easy, cheap, and really good for your dog
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    Although wet food is an option you will still want to get some kibble of crunchy treats.  A dog who has only soft food will have issues with their teeth.  Unless you want to have their teeth clean a couple of times a year 

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