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Hey guys I’m new to this site my names makayla but I go by Kayla. My roommates and I own a cat 🐈 but my parents own Bailey. While my parents went on vacation I toke care of Bailey in their home I noticed how rebellious she is.

I thought maybe it was just because she doesn’t see me often?  It was small things like telling her a simple command and she would walk off and avoid me. A other thing is she’s would shove me out of the way when entering a room.

Then doing the same when I would let her inside from being outside. Again I thought she was doing this because I’m not around very much. That she wasn’t just testing me and my limits. Well my parents returned home and I seen she is the same way with them.

This is how she’s become just purposely ignoring commands she is trained. But has an “try and make me” attitude i noticed that my parents are frustrated. I think they put up with it because they’ve had her since a puppy and love her.

Is there any advice or tips anyone’s would like to give? This way my parents can fix this problem and have a obedient dog.


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    Consistency is very important.   Give her a tiny treat every time she does something she is told to do.   NO treats if she does not do as told.   Try to make it fun for her.   Also exercise.   A tired dog will listen better then one that is hyper.   

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