Procter & Gamble is literally using Chemical Warfareto destroy the sense of smell and dogs and cats and people without warning of the risk.  


The lack of smell is where the illusion of freshness comes from. Air fresheners work by attaching the receptors in the nose of people and animals eliminating the sense of smell.


People and pets only smell air fresheners for a few seconds after they have been sprays, then the nose cannot smell.  This is not a normal adjustment to odors, any more than the loss of the other senses.


By design, air freshening chemicals cause damage to the mucous membrane, which P&G claims in its own testsis only temporary.  However, no long-term studies have ever been done to test the effects of chronic exposure over time.  It is important to remember that anything inhaledis immediately absorbed into the blood through the lungs. 


Ninety-five percent (95%) of chemical fragrances are derived from petroleum. The chemicals include benzineand aldehydes; which are known to cause cancer, reproductive effects, and problems with the central nervous system. These powerful chemical compounds have direct effect on cell division, and may enhance the development of tumors, one aromatic, amine, is known to cause mammary tumors in rats.


The chemicals emitted from air fresheners accumulate in the fatty tissues over time, so the danger increases as they build up in the bodies of humans and dogs and cats. 




TheGOOD NEWSis Prof. Microbe is a 100% organic cleaners and air freshener, food safe, earth friendly, people and pet safe all-purpose chemical-free, fragrance-free made with corn, baking soda, sugar, distilled water, enzymes and living microbes to degradedirt, food residue, heavy grease, limescale, mold, bad germs and bad odors and various other contaminants.  The enzymesare like ‘knives and forks’ cutting up the bad stuff (including the bacteria that cause odors) into little pieces for the microbes to digest in the same way that food is broken down in our stomachs into harmless fatty acids.


www.profmicrobe.comor [email protected]for more information.  John C. Moore, Esq. Founder and Chairman

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