Anxiety and Aggression

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I'm new here! I honestly joined to see if anybody else has had this problem and what they do about it. 

I have what I believe to be, a three year old husky or Husky/Malamute mix. We adopted her from the shelter a year ago. As with most shelter dogs, we have no idea what her background is. When we first adopted her she had serious anxiety /collar sensitivity. I'm not sure if this had to do with the previous owner, or perhaps something she developed at her stay at the shelter. Either way, after biting my husband and me multiple times throughout the first 6 months (one time was bad enough that I considered "we may never get over this, I might have to take her back". That's a terrible thing for me to think about now, on the other side of the problem). 

For the most part she's an angel now. Occasionally we deal with passive disobedience and she still has separation anxiety, but not to the extent that she did at first.

But here's the problem I'm still dealing with: sometimes, and seemingly around the changes of the season, I'll let her out into the yard for a few hours to play with our other dog. Sometimes when I go to call her in, she just lays there. When I approached her she's very loving, she will lick me and give me her paw. All seems very normal except she is, seemingly, locked into a laying position by what I can only assume is anxiety. I'm not going to lie, during the months that she bit me or my husband, we did physically fight back to subdue her but the last time that happened was over 9 months ago and she doesn't show any signs of being scared of either of us except for this one scenario where she's outside and simply won't come in. This would all be fine if I felt like I could grab her collar, and all signs point to that I should be able to because her collar sensitivity seems to be gone, but I'm just not comfortable doing it because I feel like she's about to freak out. If I go get a leash and even click it in her vicinity she will usually get up and follow me right inside. But sometimes, especially when I'm calling her over and over, she shows those tell tale signs of aggression that I saw a year ago. (Not making eye contact, ect). Again, if I kneel and pet her she's very loving. Sometimes she'll roll over on her back which I assume is her way of saying "I submit" but she just won't move. 

With all the progress we've made with her, and again since she's usually an angel, I'm fine with having to go grab a leash if I need to. I'm just wondering if anyone else has dealt with similar behavior and what could have caused it. From day one bringing her home, if we've needed to move her she has always been okay with the leash. And it took 6 months but she's okay with the collar touching, and occasional grabbing for restraint, but doesn't seem to be like to be moved using the collar. 


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    One of my goldens was the same way.   They get aggressive out of fear.   Not sure what the fear is, could be anything.   Our Golden had been a stray so who knows what happened to her.   Your best bet is to just bring a leash whenever you go to call her inside.  

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