House soiling and PoochPads

I have a 14 year old yorkie Pekingese mix dog. We lived in a house with a yard for 15 years, but we just moved in to a condo on the third floor and Sadie is urinating on the carpet. Now I’m trying to use PoochPads. My question is can I put apple cider vinegar on the PoochPad to encourage or attract Sadie to urinate on the pad? I read that ACV has “The acid compounds found in vinegar are also found in pet urine. Animals urinate by instinct based on where they smell urine. ... Because of this, if you apply vinegar to you carpet, you are basically lying down the acidic based scent which will tell your pet - cat or dog - that it is OK to go to the bathroom there.” Please Help!!?


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    I don't know if that would work or not.  The vinegar might actually ruin the carpet depending on what the carpet is made of.    I would try to put the pads around as much as possible to see if she has a place that she prefers to go then go from there.   if she has an accident on the rug... Clean it as good as you can... then when it is dry sprinkle it with baking soda... let it set and then vac it up .. The baking soda will take away the residual smell.   Once you get her to actually go on a pad... try leaving that one in the area that you want her to go with other pads around it.   the smell of her own urine, may attract her more then vinegar would.   then when she uses another pad be sure to give her lots of praise and treats so that she knows she is doing what you want her to 

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