Need advice on dog fight

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I was walking my two pitbulls like I do all the time on my street . They have been around children and all types of animals since they were puppies have never been aggressive. In fact they were around my friends dogs the weekend before. I see my neighbors door open and her boxer run Out of her house directly charging us . I froze . I didn't want to start running in fear that it would chase us. the dog runs up right into my dogs faces immediately a dogfight . At this point they are all 3 fighting. Because of all the chaos And being an animal lover i try to break it up. My male dog let’s go and then it is just the two female dogs . It finally gets broken up . At this point we called animal control and they come out and do a report. Two months later they say because of the injuries they are seizing my dogs until I go to court .That dog charged at me and my dogs! My dogs were Provoked or protecting me . They did not know this dog and it came up so fast not in a friendly manner. The boxer did go to the vet and treated so did my dogs. My neighbor wants me to pay for their vet bill! And suing me!! I was doing was walking my dogs on a leash. Now because their dog was injured because my dogs reacted to a loose dog coming after me. Who is at fault? My poor dogs have been at the animal shelter for months they want to deem them dangerous now if they win (prosecution) I will have to pay 4K to get them out ... this has been a complete nightmare for two sweet loving dogs😞any help or advice !



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    Posted this in another thread.  But ... You need to talk to animal control.   See if there were other complaints about their dog being off leash.   Also talk to their neighbors to see if they have had issues or noticed if the dog is often off leash and not in their own yard 

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  • JoelleJoelle Posts: 6Member
    No complaints however I have a statement from my neighbor stating th dog was always in his backyard unleashed and my dogs loved him 
  • JoelleJoelle Posts: 6Member
    So yes she was ...:) 
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    hi Joelle,
    I'm not sure about this situation. But in order teach good behavior to your dog you need to have proper control with them. You might want to take a look into this training. At least you can ask them whether they have training for the dogs. This is their url. Hope this could help
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