Mother in law hits dog with shoes

During the holidays I traveled to visit my children for the holidays. We all went to my sons home I brought the girls with since i planned to stay until the 26th. 
We had a terrific time! The only thing I have to complain about is my sons mother in law. 
I hope no one takes this the wrong way she’s a sweet lady it’s just how the situation was handled. There was another dog at my sons home besides mine, which is his family’s. They have a female chocolate lab that’s a little over a year old.
This is Chastity’s best friend... besides Diamond .
The both of them get very wound up when they see each other . We placed the girls outside to play ( Chasity and sons dog ) the yard is very secure so we knew there was no chance of escapees. 
They where unsupervised for a half an hour when my sons mother in law checked on them. The lab was humping Chasity so the mother in law decided to take of her shoe and throw it at her. Then proceeded to ‘spank’ her in the rear with it. 

I planned a trip to Las Vegas for New Years I already booked the hotel and plane ticket . I have concerns now seeing how the mother in law is especially since Diamond and Chasity will be staying with my sons family while I’m gone . 

In in the past the mother in law did not live with them but now she temporarily is. I was reassured she will not be punishing the girls . I have my doubts since she is sometimes alone at the home for a few hours at a time . I might sound crazy but has anyone heard of nanny cams for dogs? The type that could maybe go onto the collars ?


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    Are both dogs fixed.   I am not sure why she punished Chasity when the male was the one to blame.   I do not know of any nanny cams for dogs... but if she is acting differently after her visit with the MIL I would find someone else for any future vacations

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