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I’m sorry if this post gets long. Going to try to give to as mich info as I can.
We rescued Mojo when he was a baby. He is a mixed lab -almost 100lb baby, he is now almost 3 years old.
He went through obedience training when he was young. He also went to weekly “puppy socials” where he got to play with other dogs 1 hour each week.
He loves to take his morning and evening walks and see all his human and animal friends in the neighborhood.
He recently went through a trick training class with other dogs in the class.
He also has been going to doggie play (sitters) at a good friends house of mine, who usually has 1-2 other dogs at a time. Usually once a week.
he also lives with 3 cats, whom he could care less about. 
Throughout all this not once did he ever show any aggression toward another animal or person.He is a very happy go lucky dog who loves everyone. He is almost 100 lbs and a big goofball!

Just before Christmas I dropped him off for his playday and he attacked another dog there. I got a call from the lady who watches them telling me it wasnt bad, he just scratched the others dog ear but she wanted to let me know he went after him. I immediately went and picked him up. A week later the lady who watches the dogs told me the other dog went after her. He growled and bit her. (This is the same dog my dog went after). So the pet sitter beleives it wasn’t my dog afterall but the other one that set off my dog.  Even though she told me that I can’t stop thinking that he went after another other dog. I am very anxious that it will happen again. He is a big dog and could very easily hurt another dog bad.
Last week when I dropped him off he was ready to go after another dog. (A different one than the first one). After I finally left the sitter text me picutres of the 2 sitting together and she said all was fine. I have also noticed he has recently started growling at other strange dogs on our walks.

What is happening with my sweet dog? Am I making all this out to be more than it is? I have been told by the sitter as well as a good friend who is a dog trainer that Mojo doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. But I’m getting concerned and want to nip it before it goes any further.

of course there is always the fact that I truly am over reacting. 


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    I am thinking it might be the place more then the dogs.   If indeed in the first incident it was the other dogs fault then your dog may now be in defense mode when he is there.   Maybe try to have a day when you can stay there with him to see if makes a difference.   That or try a different pet sitter.    Hope it figure it out

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