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I recently adopted a husky and since she was fixed and couldn’t be bathed we just gave her wipe ups but once she was all better and healed we felt she would get a better clean by a professional so we took her to a known pet groomer once 

i took her in for a simple shampoo n condition and was basically upsold the deshedding and highly recommended that because Of her  breed and heat coming to deshed So I let them 

well it’s been confirmed by the vet that whoever deshedded her shouldn’t have and they went too deep and now all of her hair is falling out in massive amounts beyond the normal shed 


  • ninanina Posts: 2Member
    I’m worried for the sun and timing her activity to night time or early am and since she is still shedding globs and globs I’m worried she will end up completely bald, can someone help me understand how bad this is- and/or and tips recommendations. My poor baby I love her so and I feel horrible I let them do this to her 
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    Oh the poor baby.   De-shedding is good for huskies because they do have a lot of fur that will shed all summer, but sounds like they did more.   They do make suntan lotion for dogs... I would get some to put on the bare spots when it is sunny out or put a t-shirt on him just keep him from getting any burns.  I would also use coconut oil to make sure his skin doesn't get dry and itchy.    It is possible that it might not be the de-shedding that is the issue.  It could also be an allergy to the shampoo they used or even a seasonal allergy.

    Hope  he gets better soon...

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