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tina eldertina elder BradentonPosts: 218Member
edited 27 July, 2009 in Australian Shepherd
cody got out earlier today when i was takeing roxxy out we live in an appartment building dangerously close to the road please i need help on how to train him not to run out a door when its open he scared me to death i punished him with a spank on the rear and put him in the room for a while but i dont know how else to train him to stop this is the 5th time i think hes done it in the last year but this time it was life threatninganybody got advise on how to get him to not wanna run off somewhere.????!!!!!!


  • edited 21 July, 2009
    You need to teach him a good recall... Do you know how? Or have you been doing so?
  • tina eldertina elder BradentonPosts: 218Member
    edited 21 July, 2009
    umm isnt that like something like useing a long lead and letting him go far on it than call him back and teach him to come to it if that is i havent done that i tried a few times but hes reluctant to listen but if thats what ur talking about than i will deffanitly work on that with him if its not give me an example on what u mean and i will tri... ill do anything for my buddy boy
  • Terry DurborowTerry Durborow Kill Devil HillsPosts: 5Member
    edited 21 July, 2009
    I used to do this all the time to my mum when she would take Angel out or even let the cat out... all I really wanted was to run, (which is what I did to the road, the creek... anywhere I wanted to go) once it took her more than an hour to actually find me. I never thought of it as dangerous I only thought of wanting to get outside and move. My mom decided that it was way too much stress worrying about me when this happened so she started putting me on a leash before she ever opened the door for Angel... for me this was seriously hard because I really have to be first at everything... (first out, first in, first to go potty!!!!!) after Angel went out mum always took me outside too... much as I hated not being first I did eventually learn that t\mom had no problem with me going outside... her problem was in me just going my way in the direction I wanted. I am very independant & always figured I knew what was best for me... but mom decided different. It took a while for me to "get it" because of my long term puppy ways!!! (mom did research on Aussies & talked to lots of Aussie folks and found out that lots of us just have that independant, no fear, wanna do what we wanna do spirit, with no thought as to what it does to our humans, up until about the age of 3 doggy years!!! I am happy to say though that as much as I hated not being able to run out the open door when ever it opened... (because of moms human incorporated limits) Now... I am still first at everything but I never wander out of the yard, never run into traffic and when mom calls I come. Then again I learned that there is no better place than being close to home. Besides, mom makes it a point to take "just me" & sometimes Yeager (when I want him to come) on our runs on the beach. I'm kind of high energy but also (even though I love my extended critter family) really need time one on one with mom. As long as she does this... I am very content just staying in the yard & avoiding the highway near our house.... besides I learned (with patience, love & time) that the yard wasn't so bad because mom always was gonna make time for just me n her.
  • tina eldertina elder BradentonPosts: 218Member
    edited 22 July, 2009
    interesting but i have never ever allowed cody outside without a leash i trust him fully but i know the limits with him hes an unneutered male and i heard that if u neuter a male than they dont wanna run off as much or as badly so im thinking about haveing that opperation done also we now have a female german shepherd puppy and my mom doesnt want them to have puppies. i mean personaly i think its a major no no to spay or neuter any animal but sometimes i make exceptions when it concerns their health or well being i didnt want to have cody neutered but now i have no choice : /. but in his case it concerns his well being because he could get hurt if he keeps running off i mean i dont let him run off but sometimes he slips out the door . And i love him to death and dont wanna loose him....
  • edited 22 July, 2009
    Okay a couple of things.. First if you have an intact female in the house who isn't going to be spayed, yes.. Neuter him. There is a to big of a chance of an "opps" litter, its a mess waiting to happen. That being said, this is a training issues. Can neutering help his urge to roam? Of course. But that isn't going to stop it completely he has to be TRAINED. Both Chase & Pi are intact and I can leave the front door wide open, can sit in the front yard with the fence open and neither take off.. and if they begin to leave I simply tell them to come. You need a STRONG recall. Recall (or having a dog come) doesn't happen over night. Chase took about a week to train and Pi much longer, it depends on the dog. What you were doing with the long line is what I meant.. The purpose of the long line is that when the dog doesn't come you can pull him/her towards you and praise.. Eventually they'll understand that coming to you means happy happy things.. NEVER tell a dog to come and then punish it.. why come to someone who is going to spank or yell at you? Eventually, once he comes on the long line without you pulling him towards you, you can then try it without the long line (in a fenced area) and if he listens, you can practice recall like that (without the line). I personally practice recall for 5 minutes a day (that is after they were trained and got what it was).
  • tina eldertina elder BradentonPosts: 218Member
    edited 22 July, 2009
    thanks ur info should help alot and ill do anything to keep him safe and ya we going to get him neutered sometime idk when but i will defanitly use the recall techneque
  • Sky MyersSky Myers Camano IslandPosts: 40Member
    edited 27 July, 2009
    Here is another tip that may help. My mum trained me to sit at the door and wait until she signals and says "ok" Then I can go out. Sometimes she puts a leash on me, but not always when we're at home. I sit and watch for the sign and words, every time the door is opened. I forget when we are in new places, but at home I am good. I am 7+ months. Same in the car: when we stop, I get on mum's lap and wait for her to say "ok" before jumping out. Often she gives me a treat for waiting nicely!
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