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Danielle KuhnDanielle Kuhn Posts: 8Member
edited 13 September, 2009 in Labrador Retriever
We are new to Dogster and wondering if there is a way to tell if a dog is purebred or mixed? Leila is black lab, but unknown father. All I can see is a very large lab. I see alot of the Show (English) Lab, I'm told maybe a husky mix? Any ideas? Is there a way to tell for sure? Thank you!


  • Nicole KirwanNicole Kirwan RedmondPosts: 15,842Member
    edited 12 July, 2009
    If you want to pay a lot of money then there is a gene test for you. I really don't care what my dogs are (it wasn't my idea to have pure breds) and I like just guessing. I can't tell because there are only two pictures, if you upload more pictures I'd be happy to help.
  • Danielle KuhnDanielle Kuhn Posts: 8Member
    edited 12 July, 2009
    Thanks. I will post more pictures as soon as I can get her to stay still long enough! Lol! I'm just curious. I don't plan to breed her or show her so I couldn't care less what she is. She is a wonderful dog either way. I just think it's neat to try and figure it all out :)
  • edited 15 July, 2009
    Black Lab, Yes.......Husky, No. I don't see any husky at all.
  • Nicole KirwanNicole Kirwan RedmondPosts: 15,842Member
    edited 21 July, 2009
    No not Husky, she looks like a pure black lab. If she is a mix (though prob. not) I would guess BC from the size.
  • Mar ReromaMar Reroma TampaPosts: 21Member
    edited 21 July, 2009
    max is dog rescue and since we adopted him we were told he is a lab mix. but some people in the park say he is pure breed. not that it really matters but just curious if someone can tell if he is pure breed or if mix, what breed is he mix with. :q
  • Katy FarraldKaty Farrald Junction City, ORPosts: 3Member
    edited 23 August, 2009
    You're adorable!
  • Valerie HulbertValerie Hulbert IndioPosts: 959Member
    edited 24 August, 2009
    I don't see any husky in her. She looks full lab to me.
  • Linda SheridayLinda Sheriday Posts: 145Member
    edited 28 August, 2009
    She sure looks like a pure bred black lab to me. I do not see any husky at all. By the way she sure is beautiful!
  • Katie MorganKatie Morgan Posts: 46Member
    edited 13 September, 2009
    She may be mixed but I think she pure Labrador.
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