Blue Eyed Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix Puppies

Bailey SmithBailey Smith Posts: 1Member
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Born 7/25/09 and vet has examined at six week check up and has told me that since the eyes were still blue (light blue/green looking at times) they would surely remain blue. They are looking lighter every day. We are just amazed because both parents have dark black/brown eyes. Plus their coat is a wonder as well, neither parent has that color either. Anybody else think this is odd ?~b~


  • themisfitbenji1themisfitbenji1 Posts: 6,990Member ✭✭✭
    edited 29 September, 2009
    It's not that odd. It happens every now and then within litters. One of the parents may have come from a blue-eyed dog and therefore, carries the gene. Genetics are weird like that. ~b~ I wouldn't count on them remaining blue, though. Meepster's eyes were blue until he was about seven, eight months old and overnight they became green. Then, overnight, they became hazel. But they were blue for seven or eight months and green for about two months. His eyes are still beautiful, though. I've never seen a dog with his color eyes, actually. The pictures on his Dogster page just don't do his eyes justice.
  • Jack's PackJack's Pack AustinPosts: 4,608Member ✭✭
    edited 7 October, 2009
    Most puppies have blue eyes at that age. In fact, Taffy's eyes have only recently begun changing from bright blue to dark gray/green and she is nearly 5 months old. It is unlikely that your puppies' eyes will stay blue as they mature, but only time will tell. BTW, having your dogs spayed/neutered will provide significant health benefits. Additionally, Chihuahuas are quickly becoming the most common small breed of dog in shelters. As their popularity grows, there are more being produced than there are home for. :((
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