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Getting sweaters on a Chi

Bunny_PrincesseLilyCGNBunny_PrincesseLilyCGN bathurstPosts: 9,421Member ✭✭✭
edited 22 October, 2009 in Chihuahua
The cold weather is coming and Princess is going to have to start wearing sweaters and coats. I bought her a sweater and its pure torture to try to put in on. I get one leg in , start on the other and then the first one is out again arrgggg! I think part of the problem is she is a deer head Chi and her legs are just soooo small. Suggestions anyone?


  • Carol AbbottCarol Abbott Posts: 3Member
    edited 3 September, 2009
    I love to get dressed up. But maybe that's because I've been doing it since I was 8 weeks old. My legs are long. I'm a deer head, too. Mummy makes us dresses to match (Mummy needs to get a life!)
  • Deanie McGuiganDeanie McGuigan WilmingtonPosts: 1,793Member
    edited 3 September, 2009
    some chis HATE clothes.. even sweaters that are meant to keep them warm. Tippi and Harley don't mind sweaters one bit, but Lila Rae is a WHOLE other story :-h
  • Dee TobinDee Tobin DesMoinesPosts: 984Member
    edited 5 September, 2009
    if they have worn clothes (sweaters) since they were babies may I suggest that you look for like a sweater that doesnt go over the head then the legs look for a cozy tee or sweater (fleece) that you kinda lay the pup on their back and the like a vest you slip it on get hem used to it and then work your way into the slip over the head sweater
  • Sara SachSara Sach TulsaPosts: 5Member
    edited 19 October, 2009
    I suggest getting a vest sweater. Mommy make some for us and they are much easier to get on. They keep us just about as warm, also. Once they are used to putting that type on, the reg. Sweater is a little easier. Check mommy's out at Max
  • Kay AyalaKay Ayala SacramentoPosts: 439Member
    edited 22 October, 2009
    Best way is to start early and often. I started Penny off with a fuzzy sock with a hole cut into the heel where her head went thru and two tiny holes under where her feet went through. This made her neck where the sock folded down and it made a cute turtleneck!! You just have to cut out the toe end of the sock where their little tushy comes out. You can do this in any size sock or thick fuzzy sock, or light thin sock, and it works great for little Chi's! They are very comfortable for the little ones, also. And cheap, two sweaters for the price of one pair of socks! I buy fuzzy socks at the dollar store and you can't get cheaper more colorful, comfortable outfits! Make sure you treat your baby each time you dress them and soon they'll be looking forward to putting on clothes! My baby actually helps me get her clothes on now!! Good luck!
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