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Do I appear to be Kelpie?

Jenny WeisshauptJenny Weisshaupt Berkeley / Ohlone / Pt. IsabelPosts: 2Member
edited 14 November, 2012 in Australian Kelpie
I just got my DNA test back, I'm not Doberman, Lab or Rottweiler - could I be part Kelpie? The test consisted of 38 breeds and Kelpie wasn't on the list. My owner is wondering what you think?


  • JP & CarolynJP & Carolyn PLEASANT HILLPosts: 1Member
    edited 19 September, 2007
    He has all the same facial charateristics as our Kelpie I vote YES!
  • brittany Coybrittany Coy CalgaryPosts: 3Member
    edited 5 October, 2007
    I say no. Hes much too big. Have a look at my dog "timber" every one thinks hes a kelpie.. but hes not. He is a German Shepherd/ Australian Cattle Dog cross. I would say yours is a simular cross. :)
  • Derrick DoryDerrick Dory TonopahPosts: 10Member
    edited 22 October, 2007
    You are a total kelpie, dude!!=;
  • Katie FornadelKatie Fornadel Morgan HillPosts: 56Member
    edited 15 January, 2008
    I think my dog's a Kelpie too; he's a rescue and we're just not sure what he is. We did a DNA test that did not include Kelpie; we assumed that if it came back with something crazy, we would know he's a Kelpie. It told us he is made up of two secondary breeds: Border Collie and SAMOYED. Yes, Samoyed. The BC part makes sense since apparently BC's and Kelpies share a common ancestor. However, I think that Samoyed's just have a similar gene sequence to Kelpies in the particular area that the DNA test examines. Kelpies are bred for working drive rather than show, so their appearance is extremely variable. My dog looks just like the first Kelpie on Wikipedia's Kelpie page, but dissimilar from the other ones. I say your dog's a Kelpie. What did the DNA test say?
  • Leigh DeanLeigh Dean Posts: 3Member
    edited 24 November, 2008
    Im not sure. Does he have in shep in him?? Im on here for the same reason. I think my dog Bo may be part Kelpie. He was found on a dirt road. He has tiny little feet and he weighs about 40 lbs.
  • Alyssa KingAlyssa King Murray BridgePosts: 4Member
    edited 8 December, 2008
    i would say no. He has more characteristics of a German Shephard...
  • Robin LaytonRobin Layton HelenaPosts: 2Member
    edited 14 December, 2008
    I might be part Kelpie, too. Are there any DNA tests that cover the Kelpie? I sent a photo to some Kelpie breeders and they say there are a lot of Kelpies in this area due to all the people who need help herding cattle and sheep.
  • Marisa DeMaioMarisa DeMaio Santa FePosts: 40Member
    edited 24 December, 2008
    I had a genetic test (the cheek swab) and while I thought I might be a Lab/Heeler/Border Collie type of guy, it turns out I am not any of those! My intelligence is off the charts and I am pretty special. Do you think I might be a partial kelpie?
  • Rebecca DuncanRebecca Duncan Posts: 2Member
    edited 5 January, 2009
    You could be a sure look like one... I\'m a Kelpie mix. My mom had my DNA done to find out what other breeds I am, but the test did not include Kelpies. She forgot to check that out before ordering the test....she\'s not too bright :-$ But I still love her....we are very close |$| Does anyone know of a service that tests for Kelpie DNA?
  • Jenny WeisshauptJenny Weisshaupt Berkeley / Ohlone / Pt. IsabelPosts: 2Member
    edited 14 April, 2009
    Hi all, I hadn't realized how many people had posted! I do know he's part German Shepherd. What we don't know is what makes up the rest of him, and what gives him the distinct black and tan markings. We did a DNA test, all it told us was shepherd (couldn't tell what the other breeds were). Rottweiler and Doberman were on the breed list but didn't show up. People have suggested Beauceron, which is true, he really does look like one. But the likelihood of that mix happening is pretty rare! He's a bit over two years old and 83 lbs (been that weight ever since he was a year old). I have heard that the DNA tests aren't really all that accurate - there's no standard for breeding, the technique is still being perfected, and at this point it's just a great money making venture. So, who knows, maybe there is some Dobie.
  • Lola WestLola West Posts: 1Member
    edited 11 January, 2010
    Do I look like I could be a Kelpie? I have a spotted tounge and short hair that is black and tan. If i am a kelpie, I hope my mommies throw some shrimp on the barbie, and then rent the movie Australia, i just looooove nicole Kidman, arrrooooof!!!!
  • Erica WagnerErica Wagner Posts: 3Member
    edited 15 April, 2010
    He is big for a pure kelpie. It's possible he could be part kelpie, but it is hard to tell from the picture. He could be a shepherd mix as well, or even a kelpie/shepherd mix. I just got one of my dogs tested with a DNA test that has over 170 breeds (still no kelpie in their breed list though), and there are no matches for her. The reason they give is that she is either a mix of too many breeds to get a strong pattern for any, or else she is a rare breed or a mix of rarer breeds. Another possibility (that they didn't include) is that these tests may not be all that accurate.
  • Andrea NorredAndrea Norred Posts: 1Member
    edited 5 August, 2010
    You look pretty darn Kelpie. But then I could use some help myself. The SPCA I came from guesses Kelpie and Lab, but I\'m only 3 months old and already on the big side. Any ideas where I might have come from? My mom has been looking for a doggie DNA test to help me out, but none of them seem to include Kelpies in the breed list.
  • Sarah TrickettSarah Trickett Posts: 1Member
    edited 24 September, 2010
    Oh my goodness! He looks exactly Like my puppy dewey, I was told my pup was a german shepard/ collie mix, I had never heard of Kelpies until today, I was browsing different dog sites and a picture of one came up and I said "that's dewey" I have been thinking about getting a dna test, but none that I have seen have kelpies listed.
  • Krista BerryKrista Berry BellevuePosts: 1Member
    edited 21 November, 2010
    I\'ve also wondered if my dog could be part Kelpie. I\'ve been told by both an agility trainer we went to and a veterinarian that she certainly has the look of one. Based on the personality traits I\'ve read about she certainly has the personality. I just have a hard time imagining how since I don\'t know that there are a lot of kelpies in Arkansas where we found her. Any opinions?
  • Shawn BurseyShawn Bursey Posts: 1Member
    edited 14 November, 2012
    Just watched a show about kelpies and I think mine might be as we'll she has all the markings and her ears were floppy As a puppie and now they are pointed. She is the right size and defiantly has the temperament
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