Reverse sneezing..Is this normal?

Amber ArnettAmber Arnett Posts: 32Member
edited 22 January, 2010 in Chihuahua
I have noticed lately that Bella has been experiencing alot of reverse sneezing, or at least that's what I believe it to be. She does it for a little while and I always pick her up and try to calm her down while massaging her throat. Lately, she does it like at least 2 times a day and it is starting to worry me. I notice it happens when she has just drank water, but sometimes just randomly. Any suggestions? I am thinking about taking her to the vet, but I didn't know if this was normal. Thanks so much!:D


  • Tracy BrowneTracy Browne Posts: 1,439Member
    edited 20 January, 2010
    If it's just reverse sneezing, it's really not a big deal. However, a collapsing trachea can have many of the same symptoms. I'd have a vet look at her and see whether she has a collapsing trachea or not.
  • Stephanie PykeStephanie Pyke OmahaPosts: 1,372Member
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    Foxxy does this also, when she's really exited. Usually in the morning right when she wants to go out. Most of the time she actually sneezes, but sometimes she gets to honking. It's really common in chis and yorkies
  • edited 22 January, 2010
    Perfectly normal and common especially in chihuahuas. And it gets worse with age or with overweightness. I tend to really honk sometimes when I'm excited, worn out, or overdrink. My brother Sonic rarily does it, but yet still does. :-h
  • themisfitbenji1themisfitbenji1 Posts: 6,990Member ✭✭✭
    edited 22 January, 2010
    It's common in a lot of smaller breeds. I've known shelties to do it. Cinnamon is part sheltie and though her size isn't sheltie at all, she reverse sneezes sometimes. If your dog does it too often, I'd be a little concerned. It's probably nothing, but asking the vet might ease your mind. All my little ones have done it more than once. Sakura the most. It's always easy to calm them down and once I do, they act like nothing happened.
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