Are you spoiled?

Nikki SmithNikki Smith AnchoragePosts: 930Member
edited 22 January, 2010 in Chihuahua
Do your pawrents get carried away when they are shopping for you and your fursibs? I went to the feed store yesterday to buy a bag of food for the Chinchillas. I ended up leaving with 2 bullysticks, 2 beef sticks, 3 new stuffies, a box of ziggy's, and a new collar for Bella. The funniest part is the feed store was out of the Chinchilla food so I have to go back next week!!!


  • Kay AyalaKay Ayala SacramentoPosts: 439Member
    edited 18 January, 2010
    OH LORDY YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom takes me to pet stores just so I can have fun and pick out my own toys and treats and chews! I have 5 pet beds I don\'t even sleep in most of the time, as I sleep with mom and dad usually. Right now I\'m in a childs playpen, in a furry bed with blankets at night cause of the Very Expensive LP surgeries I had (not covered by ins). I have a stroller, multiple carriers and mom just had to buy a new dresser drawers just for my clothes. Yep, it\'s full! I have my own table for just MY stuff in the living room and under the living room coffee table are all my toys. I have my own stairs up to the living room couch and more treats and chews than you could shake a stick at!!! (Can you tell all of mom and dads kids are grown?) BOL!!!! When momma asks me, \"Where\'s Daddy?\" I look right at my Daddy! I sneeze or scratch and I get rushed to the patient vet (who puts up with moms paranoia). My parents are NUTS about me!!!! AND I WOULDN\'T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY!!!!! BOL :-h:))%:D%:))
  • Nikki SmithNikki Smith AnchoragePosts: 930Member
    edited 18 January, 2010
    That's awesome Penny!! It's great that your parents take such good care of you. How are those knees healing? I really hope you're feeling better. After mom came home with all that stuff for us pups she ordered new tags for us, and 2 more shirts for me. Daddy says I'm spoiled and I LOVE IT!!!!:c9 Mom says I deserve it 'cause I'm a good puppy. ~b~
  • Stephanie PykeStephanie Pyke OmahaPosts: 1,372Member
    edited 22 January, 2010
    Oh yes. My husband feels really guilty if we don't come home with something for her, or if we have to leave her home. I have to tell him no, she is better here in her crate where she is comfortable than stuffed into her travel carrier and forced to stay in the car when we go to th store. Unless we are going to the set store where she can come in. Then he says "oh allright, but we had better bring her a pig's ear. she gets a rawhide chew per day, 2 baby carrots and 1/4 cup of kibble. It seems a little short on the kibble, but neither of us can resist giving her a bite of whatever we're eating as long as it doesn't have fatty meat, onions, garlic, or grapes in it. She's got no food allergies. and we dress her. she loves to be dressed.she also loves to be petted by absolutely everyone. She's really gregarious. So, she's got a ton of toys, but we only buy the $1 ones because she has these really sharp teeth that seem to destroy toys in short order.
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