How did you come by your Chihuahua?

Kay AyalaKay Ayala SacramentoPosts: 439Member
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Hi everyone! I love looking at the pics of cutey bug Chihuahuas' on the Chi discovery stroll! My fav part though, is reading the stories of how you all got your babies! I came from a bad backyard breeder cause my mom didn't know better. She sure does now!! I'm glad I got bought by folks who love me as I am and don't mind my medical conditions. How did your parents get you? :-h


  • Amber ArnettAmber Arnett Posts: 32Member
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    My mommy became absolutely obsessed with us when she went to a pet store and held one. She wasn't a big fan of Chihuahuas until that point. At the time, my mommy still lived at home with her family and she told her mom about Chihuahuas and how cute and little we were. A few days later, my mommy and her family went to the pet store and played with the same little Chihuahua. They also fell in love with the puppy, but my mommy's mom knew better than to buy from a pet store, so they went home and that night found a breeder. The next day, they came home with tiny Tinkerbell. My mommy could not get enough of us from that point on. She knew that she would get a Chihuahua of her own at some point. Two years passed and my mommy was off at college. She had just moved into an apartment that allowed pets and she instantly began her massive search for the perfect little "Bella" (she had my name picked out for a long time):D She came across a breeder who had me! My mommy emailed the breeder and she replied saying that I was already sold, but that she would have another litter in the spring. A few days passed and my mommy got another email from the breeder telling her that the adoption fell through because the buyer had somethings happen and they couldn't afford a new member to the family. SO, my mommy instantly decided that "I" would be her baby Bella;c; She came and got me that weekend and I was spoiled ever since then!!%:D%
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    My daddy and mommy got me at the shelter when I was 5. They are not sure if I had previous abuse but I did have a small scar on my nose. But they love how obedient and sweet I am.
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    My mommy and daddy got me from a breeder in Central TX while visiting family. Mommy is not sure if they are a "backyard breeder" or not but they seemed official. Mom and dad wanted a small boy chihuahua and here I am!
  • Kay AyalaKay Ayala SacramentoPosts: 439Member
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    Such sweet stories!!!! Thank you for sharing! Please keep them coming!! :-h:-h:-h:-h:-h
  • Deanie McGuiganDeanie McGuigan WilmingtonPosts: 1,793Member
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    I was vacationing w/ my family in Tennessee when I was 12 and my Dad bought Tippi from a Piggly Wiggly! What a surprise she was : ) She stayed in our cabin w/ us :D. She traveled home from Tenn to Louisiana. We don't think she is full chihuahua, even though we were told she was. That doesn't matter to us though! Harley was given to me for my 20th birthday from my mom. She wasn't a surprise as I got to pick her out. Cobain was given to us as a stray! My then boyfriend, now husband, and I were working at a restaurant and a person said that he was running around their yard! Of course we were the ones to go and get him! Lila Rae was a Christmas gift/new house gift from my husband for Christmas 2007. She came from a bad breeder. We got her at 6 weeks before we knew better, but we absolutely love her.. w/ all her quirks and weird health stuff and all.
  • Stephanie PykeStephanie Pyke OmahaPosts: 1,372Member
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    I am about 2 y/a. I was found abandoned and running loose and pregnant (but nobody knew it) in a parking lot with nothing but a thin bit of twine around my neck in 2009. I was taken in by a lady who claimed she couldn't take care of me permanently so she gave me to a neighbor. the neighbor had me for a bit, but her son had allergies and asthma so I was given back. The lady gave me to her mom, who had an old pug. I was kept outside tethered to an air conditioner where I had 3 puppies in July. 2 died. Nobody took me to the vet in all this time, even after having puppies. The lady's mom did not want to take care of two dogs, and neither of them would take me for medical care. My future granddogmom works with the lady. She asked my future dogdad and dogmom if they felt they could adopt me and the puppy, but they said that they couldn't take the puppy. So in October Granddogmom asked again because the puppy was finally big enough to be on his own, and I was adopted by my dog mom and dad, where I finally got vet care and a spaying and a microchip! I have my furever home now, even though dogmom and grandogmom are worried about the puppy, who still is with the lady's mom. We worry that he is not going to be getting the same care and love that I am getting. Dogmom regrets not taking the puppy too, even though her reasons for not taking him were the right ones. The lady is someone we don't like very much. She turned around after saying she couldn't care for me and got a pit, which is just wrong. Dogmom just found out that one of the reasons I was being kept outside was because I was thought to be vicious, which is just not true! It was just another case of chihuahua prejudice
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    I was dropped off by my first owner in my mom's drive way. My first mother thought I was too much work and simply was looking to get back some of the money she had paid for me. My second and now forever mom is very grateful to have me and takes good care of me.;c;
  • Bunny_PrincesseLilyCGNBunny_PrincesseLilyCGN bathurstPosts: 9,421Member ✭✭✭
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    I used to live with my Dad's human Mom and Dad. They didn't know anything about Chihuahuas and just wanted a really small dog. They ordered me at a pet shop. I lived with them until I was 9 months old and then they realized that I barked and shed. My new mommy always made a fuss over me when she visited them, so one day they called her and asked her if she wanted me. She and new daddy talked it over, and since dad always wanted a small dog , I went to live with them.I probably would have needed a new home eventually since Chis live a long time and my old Mom and Dad might not be around as long as I will. New Mom never thought she would like having a Chi, but she does!
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