Why do you love your Chi?

Bunny_PrincesseLilyCGNBunny_PrincesseLilyCGN bathurstPosts: 9,421Member ✭✭✭
edited 17 March, 2010 in Chihuahua
Another post got me thinking about why I love Princess. I love the fact that she isn't afraid to stand up to Bunny, how she brings us her toys ( which are bigger than she is bol) and stares up at us with her tail wagging waiting for us to throw them. Her sighs of content when she is all cuddled up next to us. How she trots confidently along when we go for walks. How she peers over my laptop when I am on dogster;) The cute little things she does to make us laugh. How she is so tiny but has so much personality.:c9 Why do you love yours?


  • Kay AyalaKay Ayala SacramentoPosts: 439Member
    edited 28 February, 2010
    Because she is a HUGE personality in a tiny body~! Because she loves me and shows me constantly with doggy kisses and snuggling up to me like the cuddle bunny she is. Because she calms my anxiety attacks by coming up to me and giving me an alternate focus. All the cute things she does and the way she puts up with me putting clothes on her to keep her warm. The way she plays like a kitty cat and will even share lettuce with me, cause if I'm eating it, it must be good! The cute way she jumps on my lap to go bye bye cause she doesn't want to be left at home and how she loves to ride on my shoulder in the car so she can see out the windows. Basically because she loves me so very, very much!!! Chi's ROCK!!!! :c9
  • Stephanie PykeStephanie Pyke OmahaPosts: 1,372Member
    edited 4 March, 2010
    Are you kidding? Anytime I am feeling depressed about not having a job, or not being able to pay back my student loans, or having an argument with my husband, She lets me use her fur as a cry rag. It's totally sad of me, but it makes me feel better 100% of the time. And then she licks my eyebrows. A week after we got her our last car broke down and she sat really still in my arms and just let me hold her while I broke down. She's also totally silly. She's eased the tension in our home, she gets us out of the house for excersize, I mean really in my house, shes been around for almost six months, and i don't know quite how we managed without her around.
  • Yijia WangYijia Wang Posts: 241Member
    edited 7 March, 2010
    I love Moochi with all my heart because she has been there for me when no one is around. She is my best friend, my daughter, my everything. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for her.
  • Nikki SmithNikki Smith AnchoragePosts: 930Member
    edited 17 March, 2010
    I love Bella because she's so silly. She lets me dress her up when I'm bored. She cuddles up with me on the couch when I'm not feeling good. She will come over and lay her head on my lap when I'm upset. I love the way she lifts her head and front paw when she gets caught doing something bad as if to say "who me?" She's just a very special girl and everything I wanted in a dog.
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