so you can acually have a pet dingo?

Molly PriceMolly Price portlandPosts: 4,757Member
edited 6 August, 2014 in Dingo
Wow! I never knew you could have a pet dingo! i think that is really neat!


  • Jacque NikitarasJacque Nikitaras Posts: 209Member
    edited 22 August, 2007
    You SHOULDN'T have a Purebreed dingo. Pet Dingos are usually Dingos mized with Domesticated dogs. A Purebreed Dingo Should NEVER be kept as a pet, as they are wild animals. Even Dingo Mixes should be owned cautiously as they are Half Wild Animal. Some mixes may have more Wild Animal Personality then others.
  • Robert DoerrRobert Doerr San Francisco/Go;denGate ParkPosts: 3Member
    edited 22 April, 2008
    it is illegal to bring Dingos into the country from Australia, However people do, and they breed them, and sell the pups or breed them with pitbulls, labs, and alot of other kinds of dogs. after they are born here, they aren't illegal. alot of Dingo owners paperwork will say Red Heeler, or Australian Cattledog which is what Dingos are. the exact same body head and ears, only difference is color pattern. my Gingers paperwork says Australian Cattle dog, so I google images Australian Cattle dog. these dogs are all blue black and grey, then I google Images Dingo, and every pic looks just like Ginger. also Google Images Red Heeler, same thing just like Ginger. hpoe that answers your question. Robert & Ginger
  • Molly PriceMolly Price portlandPosts: 4,757Member
    edited 28 April, 2008
    Oh, now I get it. My friend has a dog that looks like a dingo, even though we know she isn't, but we like to call her a dingo anyway just fur fun!;)
  • Tanya MooreTanya Moore ottawaPosts: 12Member
    edited 8 July, 2008
    I was told my Chika was a dingo but she's a rescue so I don't know for sure ... what do you think she is?
  • Robert DoerrRobert Doerr San Francisco/Go;denGate ParkPosts: 3Member
    edited 8 July, 2008
    its Illegal to smuggle wild Dingos into the USA, However people do, and then they are here. they make wonderful, and intelligent pets because they love people. they breed them with other breeds like labs, pitbulls, and other types of dogs over here, so,then, you have a bunch of puppies like Ginger. when they bring Dingos here from Australia, they call them Red Heelers, or Australian Cattledogs which is what Dingos are. Ginger has spent every second of her life around nice loving people, so even though she has a wild side, she is never aggressive, or obnoxious. she is the most Loved dog I have ever seen.
  • traci aberntraci abern rentonPosts: 4Member
    edited 12 July, 2008
    i know huh! theyre fun too! very protective funny smart dogs
  • Jennifer CaldwellJennifer Caldwell Posts: 1,686Member
    edited 26 September, 2008
    Australian Cattle Dogs, Red Heelers, and Blue Heelers were bred by mixing Dingoes with domesticated dogs. They are also called Queensland Heelers. But they are all domesticated dogs. I think the breed was developed in 1840, and recognized in the United States by the AKC in 1980. They are not purebred Dingoes. A Dingo is a wild dog, but some people do keep them as pets. There are also Dingo/domestic dog mixes, just like wolf/domestic dog mixes and coyote/domestic dog mixes. If you are interested in keeping a dingo (or any wild dog or wild dog mix) as a pet, you may want to check local laws to make sure it is not illegal where you live. There are two color patterns for Australian Cattle Dogs: blue and red. Both colors are acceptable for the breed standard. An Australian Cattle Dog/Red Heeler/Blue Heeler/Queensland Heeler and a Dingo are not the same thing.
  • April SchaarApril Schaar Posts: 2Member
    edited 18 February, 2009
    My Dingo Bell is the best dog I've ever had. :q
  • John VarsJohn Vars MinnetristaPosts: 1,016Member
    edited 18 October, 2010
    Interesting thread!
  • Mathew EgetMathew Eget Posts: 1Member
    edited 11 November, 2012
    Hello , I have a dingo and she is the best pet I have every had. Super smart and great with the kids. She loves to play. Know about 50 words and commands. Far as I know she was founded in the wild and was given to me as a pup ( about 3 mo old) She even gets along with the cats in the house. But I do let her hunt in the when we go for are walks. She is caught a couple of dear's one a big buck. She is quick too and don't take them for walks at night( can't see them lol good night cam-o) She never wants to leave my side. She is 3 now and still thinks she is a pup. You must keep their minds working so they don't get board or they will get into mischief. I like to put treats all around the yard to work her noise and its fun for her. If you are thinking of getting one they need a lot of attention and not to be left alone they are pack dogs. And will try to get every one in the same room. Definitely not a dog for a novice. easy to train with enough attention.
  • Mike B-Mike B- Posts: 1Member
    edited 29 July, 2014
    I rescued and own a pit/dingo mix. Found him in the desert down in southern Arizona right along the side of the road as a 4 month old puppy along with his mom, who was a pit bull and still a puppy herself. Neither of them were doing so well physically. But I'v had him since then up till now (he's 10 months old), trained him myself and he is one of the smartest and most caring dogs I have ever come across. Has like everyone and every animal he has encountered. From play wrestling with my four year old nephew, to strangers, to big and small dogs, cats and even a rabbit and ferret. Dingoes might be illegal now but if you do some research they were shipped over to the south western states of the U.S. in the early 20th century to be domesticated and used as cattle dogs. Now there are packs or them roaming the desert down there. But like any dog, they make great pets as long as you treat, train and raise them properly. Although it probably helps that he's half pit haha.
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