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William LoughWilliam Lough Warren,Packard ParkPosts: 2Member
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We just got Penny then I Lost my job. I am trying to find help with her medical. She was pregnant when we got her. The vet said she was to far along to abort,we have no idea if it is her own breed or a bigger one that got her. The people that had her just dumped her out in the street and didn't care what happened toher. So the vet said she would need a c-section because of not knowing how big the babies will be,Please help us she is a good little girl.


  • Autumn PottsAutumn Potts Posts: 704Member
    edited 7 November, 2010
    Im confused as to what you need help with?
  • Jen SJen S MAPosts: 350Member
    edited 7 November, 2010
    How can we help?
  • William LoughWilliam Lough Warren,Packard ParkPosts: 2Member
    edited 9 November, 2010
    We are trying find help with her medical which is goingto be over $1000 and help finding good homes for her babies. The Vets we go to is giving us a discount but it's still not enough. I lostmy job and we don't want tolost her she desire s a chance. Any help is greatful, Thanks
  • Autumn PottsAutumn Potts Posts: 704Member
    edited 9 November, 2010
    I hate to be the breaker of bad news, but if you can't provide proper medical attention, you might think about rehoming her. She's going to need a lot of effort, money, and all the pups are going to need shots, and technically you should spay and neuter them all so that this thing doesn't happen to someone else. I'm a college student and can't help with money. But you may want to try asking around with family members and stuff. I don't know of a lot of people on this site that will actually give you money... sorry. :( Good luck though! Let me know how things go!
  • Jack's PackJack's Pack AustinPosts: 4,608Member ✭✭
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    There are a number of Boston Terrier specific rescue organizations throughout the nation that may be better equipped to provide proper veterinary care Penny and her puppies. Do you want help networking to find a reputable rescue organization willing to accept her?
  • JULIE REYNOLDSJULIE REYNOLDS St. LouisPosts: 10,984Member
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    Look into Care Credit. It is like a credit card but you use it only at the vet and it is interest free as long as you repay within a certain period of time. I know somewhere in the forums, there is a list that someone posted with organizations that can help with vet bills. Try searching for that. Good luck! |bb|
  • Melinda BMelinda B Posts: 1,628Member
    edited 27 November, 2010
    I second the Care Credit suggestion. I used it what my cat Furman ate some thread off my sheets and had to have surgery. Good luck with Penny...she is beautiful.
  • Jack's PackJack's Pack AustinPosts: 4,608Member ✭✭
    edited 25 December, 2010
    Please update us on Penny. Our pack has had their paws crossed for her. |:|
  • Jack's PackJack's Pack AustinPosts: 4,608Member ✭✭
    edited 1 January, 2011
    We're still hoping for an update on Penny. |:|
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