9 wk old Misty is very, very sick

Ashley RickerAshley Ricker FindlayPosts: 3Member
edited 2 January, 2011 in Get Well Soon
I need everyones prayers and support. Misty (my 9 week old Golden Retriver) is very, very sick. She has lost over 2 lbs in the past 6 days. Vet saw her today. How she does in next 12 hrs will determine if she pulls through or goes on IV tomorrow. :'-( Vet thinks she may have Giardia but tested negative for it. She hasn't been eating or drinking hardly at all. She's been on meds since we got her, but now upped meds and have to feed her every two hours overnight. :-( I am really worried and freeking out we got her on 9-14. On 9-15 we took her to vet. Thought diarrhea was due to food switch too soon. 9-17 took her back, put on Metronidazole 250 mg 2x a day and Pyrantel Strongid 2ml once every 10 days. Went back 9-21 (today) and more Metronidazole and now Panacur 0.5tsp 1x a day for 8 days. I haven't had a formed bowel movement out of her since we brought her home last Tuesday :-( Vet has No clue. She's been tested for roundworm, tapeworm, toxcidia, geordia (snap test). All negative. Some of the other pups in her litter are sick too. The first one that got sick is now recovering and gaining weight back. But her sister is still in the same boat she's in. It's a real bad deal :-( She has ate a little over a cup of soft food since her vet appt. at 4:30p. I have a bit mixed with her panacar now, but she isn't eating it yet. I put it right beside her and am mixing Pedialite in with her water to try to help with dehydration. I really, really need her to eat. I even tried cooking a hamburger and putting crumbles in to entice her. Nothing... She just looks at it and lays her head down beside the bowl :(


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