Remi\'s Surgery

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Hello all, I am new to the board and am looking for anywhere to turn for answers. My 1 yr 10 month old Boxer last week would not eat for anything. He was very lethargic and couldn't get anywhere near his mouth. As soon as he would try to bite on a piece of food, he would yelp extremely loud and run away. He was starving! Tried to give him a piece of soft pretzel and same thing! That night (last Saturday) we went to the local emergency. He will let you do anything you want to him except try to open his mouth. Whenever myself or the vet attempted to open the mouth a scream was to follow. Quite a few dollars later and the only answer I received was "it's definitely in his mouth somewhere. Monday morning went to their recommended internist and same results for quite a few hundred more. By that time, Remi has barely eaten in almost two days. I went immediately to the University of P---. They were fantastic and took him right away. Remi was admitted and taken for CAT scan the next day. CAT scan showed what appeared to be a lot of pressure above the back molars just below the eye. He immediately went into surgery and the results from the DR were This could represent a tooth root abscess but could also be associated to the salivary gland in the area or the retrobulbar tissues. ln order to gain access to the affected area, the first and second right maxillary molars were extracted. These came out with relative ease suggesting loose of supporting bone around those roots. The cyst was drained and samples of it were sent to the laboratory for cytology and microbiology to see if there was a bacterial etiology. A lymph node aspirate was performed, and the laboratory reported reactive lymphoid hyperplasia, which is a normal response when there is an infection around the oral cavity. The laboratory reported that cyst contained pus with bacteria inside white blood cells, indicating a bacterial infection. Microbiology results are pending. This may indicate a primary infection (abscess) however a secondary infection can not be ruled out at this time". Now my questions are, has anyone had anything like this? The Dr (who has been great) called me today and they didn't find any cyst lining, foreign object, or anything cancer related. They are doing more tests on the hardened tissue and I guess bone and tooth and will find out next week. His alt (liver) was high which I'm guessing may have been because of the infection. Right now he is on anti-bitotics as well as a Fentanyl patch. Hasn't really been himself. I hope that he can eat once all theses pain meds wear off and I'm not at square one....... Sorry to be so long, just needed to vent somewhere. Doctors are great, but I have no clue what all this stuff means sometimes. I have 15 pages of notes and understand about 10 words.


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    NO experience but sending our love & prayers for swift recovery.|:|Remi|:| How scary for you all. No cancer is wonderful news though.;c; Rest & feel better soon!:q Edit to add: Check out/post in the HEalth forum here for more info! It is more active and you can search as well for info.:q
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