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Vertebrae Surgery

Myron KingMyron King Posts: 7Member
edited 3 April, 2011 in Get Well Soon
Little Nemi was struck by a car last Friday after We took him to the park during a satellite dish install but when we let him out into the yard we didn\'t realize a gate was left open by one of the Installers and he ran into the street. Luckily, my neighbor who hit him helped us get him to the vet. He has a compressed vertebrae in his rearmost quarters and he is having surgery today to move the vertebrae in place and hopefully relieve the pressure on his spinal cord. We are hoping the best that he doesn\'t become paralyzed and everything heals correctly. Surgery is new to us and a bit of a mystery. Right now he can stand and his tail is functional. I hope we are doing the right thing for you little buddy! The whole surgery vs. non-surgery was a gut feeling we thought first no surgery but once it was explained in detail we think it would be a good shot to a more pain free life in the future. Luckily, both the surgeon and th vet said that the injury is far enough back where it missed causing major neurological damage. GET WELL AND WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


  • Kate BKate B Staten IslandPosts: 857Member
    edited 26 January, 2011
    Get well Nemesis!|:||bb||:| And Nemesis's mom, stay strong and positive and know you can talk to us! Let us know what happens and how it goes!
  • Myron KingMyron King Posts: 7Member
    edited 26 January, 2011
    Thank you for your support. We just got a call that surgery is now underway. Hang in there little buddy!
  • Dale PageDale Page Posts: 36,728Member
    edited 27 January, 2011
    |:| praying the surgery went well|:|
  • Myron KingMyron King Posts: 7Member
    edited 27 January, 2011
    The doctor called last night and said that the surgery went well. They were able to put the vertebrae back in place and get it set with some pins. Fortunately, we had started antibiotics 5 days before surgery. Initially he said that he would be in post-op care for two days but he called today and said that he think Nemesis has a great chance for a full neurological recovery and he thinks he would recover just as well if we brought him home this afternoon. Thanks everyone for your support. I will let you know how the rehabilitation process is going.
  • Nat FarNat Far CanadaPosts: 542Member
    edited 28 January, 2011
    Heal well Nemesis!
  • Kate BKate B Staten IslandPosts: 857Member
    edited 28 January, 2011
    =D>;c;=D> A little congrats party for u! That is great news! I hope he heals well and continues to improve! Keep updating us on his progress!|:|
  • Lya AshleyLya Ashley SmethportPosts: 5,878Member
    edited 28 January, 2011
    |/h/|Congratulations! We wish you a full recovery! |:|
  • Jean DeSenaJean DeSena Posts: 7,304Member
    edited 31 January, 2011
    |:||:||:|Nemesis|:||:||:| Lots of paw for full swift recovery.:q
  • Scooter_Trudy_BillyScooter_Trudy_Billy SevernPosts: 84,783Member ✭✭✭
    edited 1 February, 2011
    Oh nemesis...that's great news! I hope you are home doing well and recovering nicely :D|:|
  • Myron KingMyron King Posts: 7Member
    edited 4 February, 2011
    Just wanted to let you all know that Nemesis is doing great. He has been sleeping a lot and is off all his pain medications. He tried to walk off once when we were doing his bathroom routine. So we know he can walk just fine. He still has about 20 days to go of crate care. Thanks everyone for your positive support!
  • Jean DeSenaJean DeSena Posts: 7,304Member
    edited 10 February, 2011
    Great news !;c; Keep up the good work but not TOO much at a time! Hope the days go quickly & smoothly for you &your family sweetie.|:|
  • Myron KingMyron King Posts: 7Member
    edited 3 April, 2011
    Just want to wrap this post up. Nemesis has been given a clean bill of health by the surgeon. He is back to playing and hanging out at the dog park. The surgeon was amazed by the rapid progress. The only thing left to do it wait for his hair to grow back where they shaved him. Thanks everyone for your support!!! ~a~
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