Prayers for Midnight and my daughter

Darci AlexanderDarci Alexander LevittownPosts: 5Member
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We have a 6' wood fence. Somehow, our dog Midnight (1 year old Chihuahua) managed to get a "finger" on his left paw through the fence. The neighbor's German Shepherd grasped the finger and pulled our dog's arm through the fence and bit most of it off. The arm bitten had to be amputated up to the shoulder. ~My daughter, traumatized by hearing the attack and seeing our dog after the attack has not slept in days. I haven't slept either and cannot function because I keep reliving the experience. When my dog approached the fence I tried to grab him (I NEVER leave the dogs out in yard alone and always grab our dogs when I realize that neighbor's dog is out and bring them in the house). I am grateful that our dog is alive. (Edited to remove some anti-large-dog sentiment. Midnight's family has experienced a tragedy and the anger, fear and hurt behind these words is very understandable, but here on Dogster we love dogs, all dogs, and do not support hate speech against certain kinds of dog. Let's please keep the focus of this thread on our hopes for healing for Midnight and family. Thanks! ~Forums Moderator)


  • mary smary s upstatePosts: 1,022Member
    edited 22 March, 2011
    I have no advice for you, but I just want to let you know how sorry I am to hear about what happended to poor midnight. |:|
  • Halo HuthHalo Huth Posts: 482Member
    edited 22 March, 2011
    Dogs do just fine on three legs, maybe finding a few videos of amazing 3 leggers will help. By the time the incision heals the dog will have forgotten it ever had 4 legs. I know it's harder on the humans, but the dog could really care less, and I'm sure is much happier not to be in pain and still with you.:(
  • Darci AlexanderDarci Alexander LevittownPosts: 5Member
    edited 22 March, 2011
    Wow! Thanks for the "hugs". It has helped so much just to talk about this. We recently moved into the area and don't know anyone! Closest family is 1100 miles away. We started attending church and are looking for sports for my homeschooled daughter (mid-year move too tough on her) but they don't start yet. Tough to "just keep busy" when we don't know anyone. So, thanks again!
  • Jodi MahanJodi Mahan Posts: 574Member
    edited 22 March, 2011
    Oh how TERRIBLE for poor Midnight and all of you and of course especially your daughter! That was a tramatic thing to have happened and I am no specialist of any kind but I am afraid it will probably take some time for your daughter to deal with it.I had a violent thing happen to a horse I had, she died from the incident, and to this day I still think of the incident and it has been a loooooong time ago. Infact I would have been your daughters age at the time. I remember the date , Aug. 4th, and everything. She will no doubt remember this the rest of her life! Then to top it off every time your dau. looks at the dog she will remember it! I am SO SORRY! I think Halo\'s idea of the 3 legged doggie videos is a good one. I don\'t blame your daughter for being afraid to be in her own yard. I might be too if I were her! I agree with you and I\'m sorry but that dog should have no way been that vicious! Also as Halo indicated I believe was Midnight is prob like us, lucky to be alive, more resilliant then humans are and prob SOOO HAPPY to be your pet.
  • sherri stockflethsherri stockfleth Posts: 1,123Member
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    Oh I am so sorry, I can't imagine the terror this must have induced. Dogs do bounce back wonderfully from most physical changes and with patience there is a good chance your dog will have no ill effects psychologically after time. I know you must have a lot of ill will but remember that it is not the next door dogs 'fault' really it is just reacting in the way it has learned, and possibly not even the neighbors 'fault' as they may just be clueless in how to deal with a difficult dog. I will pray for a speedy recovery and a peacefull heart for all of you.
  • Lacey KingstonLacey Kingston Posts: 7,527Member
    edited 10 April, 2011
    Sorry to hear about this happening, and I'm sorry that it has likely sullied your opinion of large dogs and the neighbors. Is there any way you could reinforce the fence to make it safer in the future?
  • Taylor GeorgeTaylor George SangerPosts: 5,955Member
    edited 11 April, 2011
    |:| so sorry to hear that happened. We had something similar happen when I was growing up. We had a 4 pound Yorkie that was pulled through a wooden fence by the neighbors 2 dogs (Lab/Dal and a Chow/Collie) he has 19 deep puncture wounds, 4 in his lungs, and 2 broken ribs. It was very traumatizing BUT the fact the he pulled through seemed to make everything better. If you can\'t reinforce the fence enough to protect him, try putting chicken wire about a foot from the fence that way he can\'t get to it again. |:|
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