Submissive Urination in Dogs

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Okay...this is kind of getting to be a big problem. Leona is constantly urinating when I pet her. Or anyone pets her. She will not do this with other dogs (she is actually pretty dominating and will stick up for herself). But, she is piddling in the house at least 3x a day. Any time someone tries to pet her, she pees. It is getting rediculous. I literally cannot pet my own dog! I will pet her, but she urinates. I've tried getting on the floor and having her come to me, but as soon as I reach out, she will pee!


  • Jessica GardnerJessica Gardner Middle of nowherePosts: 5,375Member
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    Is she ill? Urinary tract or bladder infection? How old is she? Could it be bladder weakness? Has she always done this?
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    She had a UTI a few months ago, but that was cleared up. No current health problems. I think she is 3 years old, but I'm not positive. I don't think it could be bladder weakness. She started doing this a few days after I brought her home.
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    If she is well, it sounds a if she is fearful. I would stop petting her! Then, start from scratch like I recommended with your other fearful dog. If she can't handle you reaching towards her, break it down into smaller steps. sit sideways to her, move one hand out in front of you (so not really towards her) and treat her (toss the treat if handing it to her triggers the fear response). This will start to associate your hand movement with good things. Then you can move onto the things you are doing with Sawyer. Since you are having multiple issues with several of your dogs, it would be very good to get a certified behaviorist into your home. in order to truly help all your dogs and hep them coexist, you are going to need a professional. Way more help than an advice board can give. you have gotten some great advice to get you started while you search and interview people in your area.
  • Mike JacobsenMike Jacobsen Posts: 53Member
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    Our daughters dog urinates whenever she initially visit her. She is a Golden, allegedly purebred, but does exhibit some Irish Setter characteristics. Anyway, she completely adores us. To the point of obsession, sometimes. A very good dog, generally, but can be a bit sensitive with people she "doesn't like." And sometimes "doesn't like" immediately. We are, we know, her "sometimes lost parents" as we did a lot of her puppy training. Interestingly, when we send a package to her house, she obsesses over the package. Looking for us in there it seems. Finally, she doesn't urinate that way with anyone else. Any suggestions about this. Right now she only does it at initial greetings so we put her outside then. But she is getting up there in age (she has always done this "greeting urination" with us) and wonder if there is something we should try to do about it.
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