American Eskimo good fit for us?

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Hi Everyone~ My fiance and I are thinking about getting an eskie and we are charmed by their intelligence, ability to train and good looks. Before getting an eskie though, we have just a few questions. - Is your eskie ok with being home alone during the work days? We work 8am-5pm but will be home in the evenings and weekends to do trick training, walking, hiking and playing. - Can your eskie be aggressive to other dogs? My parents have a pomeranian and we'd like them to get along well. - Is your eskie kid friendly? Although we don't have kids right now, we do plan on starting a family in the next 2 or 3 years. Ofcourse we would never leave a young child alone with a dog, but are well trained eskies generally good around kids? I've heard eskies will be good with kids if socialized with them as a puppy. But since we don't have children right now, how often do we need to socialize with kids? Would it be enough to allow kids to pet the eskie while we are on walks or at the park? Or more socialization necessary? Thank you everyone for your input!


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    Lil Bear is my 3rd eskie, and my first puppy. He is just now beginning to settle down (he will be 2 tomorrow). If you get a puppy eskie, I would STRONGLY urge you to use a crate while you are gone at work. Especially for the first 2 years. Lil Bear can be obnoxious with other dog but he does make friends with some too. It depends on the other dog and what Bear decides. WARNING--Eskies form their own opinions and make their own decisions. They are head-strong. As for children--SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE!!! Take them to the park, around schools, nieces/nephews birthday parties, and babysit children in your home. Eskie do become territorial about their people (pawrents). My last eskie had to be re-homed (that's how I got him) because he would/could not adapt to the new baby. As the baby became more mobile the problem got worse. He was having to be separated from the family which made him & the family even more miserable. I love the breed and the 3 that I've had. They are so full of personality and energy. They are lots of fun but you need to know how to work with them. They were bred to be "alarm" dogs. They bark at EVERYTHING! They do not respond to harsh discipline. Positive, consistent training is important.
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