Please speculate what Kai is mixed with....

Caitlin MeredithCaitlin Meredith Posts: 4Member
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Kai is 13 months old. We got him just before Christmas last year from a \"backyard breeder\" in the sticks who claimed he was an Alaskan Husky. Now, we knew in an instant that he was more of a mix than a husky, but don\'t worry, we didn\'t get ripped off. In any case, Kai has been a fantastic dog. When people ask what kind of dog he is we usually say \"husky mix\", and then we get a lot of \"oh, i don\'t think he\'s a husky\", etc based on his physical traits. Well, he certainly pulls like a husky!!!! He also loves to play fetch (something he initiated with me on the night we brought him home - using a cat toy!) which is something our two other Alaskan huskies really could care less about, so I am inclined to think maybe he is part retriever of some sort. Based on his coloring, a lot of people have said they think he is part Border Collie. This I can see, not just based on his coloring, but because he is extremely tall and long legged, as well as smart and has a tendency to be a bit hyper. He is about 65 lbs at 13 months, and tall - he can put his front paws on my shoulders and lick my face (I am 5\'7\"). He has beautiful light brown, amber colored eyes, and his ears sometimes stand up, sometimes flop over, or sometimes it\'s a funny combo of both. Please take a look at his picture and have fun speculating what breeds Kai is made up of. When we get some extra cash, we want to get him DNA tested, but this will have to do for now! :)


  • Caitlin MeredithCaitlin Meredith Posts: 4Member
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    Another interested fact: he has webbed toes!
  • Meredith MapesMeredith Mapes PalmerPosts: 1,351Member
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    I can definitely see Border Collie in the shape of his face :) Beyond that...clueless. As a sidenote, I think the webbed feet is a husky trait...not positive, and please correct me if I'm wrong!
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