Strange things this breed does....

Christina MosserChristina Mosser Bethesda, MDPosts: 1Member
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Hello to all other AHT owners - I'm really curious about the particularly strange things that your AHT does. The first AHT I met belongs to a friend of mine, and I was sold immediately--his dog sometimes walks using only his two front legs and his nose, sleeps sitting up with just his nose to the ground, and does a very strange little tribal dance when he comes across a dead animal. So, I got Oscar and hoped that he would have a quirky little personality, too. I wasn't disappointed... Oscar likes to run on three legs at times, chews on my Choc Labs fur (he also eats Elvin's fur that I take out of the dog brush), and he likes to throw his head downward and headbutt me when he's trying to settle in. They really are the cutest little dogs and I'd have a whole house full of them, if I could!


  • Lisa LewisLisa Lewis Comox, BC/CovingtonPosts: 1Member
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    OH boy are you right!! I have two, and they too eat dog hair. They will find it at the park, or at PetSmart. My little girl doesn't like the cold. She will go out to pee and put both of her back legs in the air so she doesn't have to touch the ground, and pee on two legs. I don't know how she balances. They also like to throw themselves at the couch. When they are on a couch or a chair, they throw themselves at it like they are having seizures. My husband calls them his little epileptic dogs. When they play with eachother, they always go and bite the back leg of the other dog first. I think they think they are disabling the other dog by doing that. WOOD! Forget chew toys, wood is where it's at. If it's made of wood, they are chewing on it. My little girl is really funny when she meets another dog, she automatically puts her back leg in the air. I have had many people think she is going to pee on their dog. No, she's just being helpful-so they can sniff her easier. I guess she doesn't like a cold, wet nose on her butt. My little boy doesn't bark at other dogs, only their owners. When we are at the park, he's fine with all the dogs. When he see's a person with a dog, he lets out this shrill howl to let me know something is a miss with the dog-it has a person following it. TOES! Anyone that comes into my house with out shoes, or wearing flip-flops will get their toes cleaned, and possibly bitten. Most of the AHTs I know do a lot of the same things, but non-AHT owners think my dogs have a disability or brain damage. So AMEN to your post, it's good to know that my dogs are normal.
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    Well here are some of the things my baby does -Her tail is a WIP -like to sleep covered head and all -sleeps with her butt up and head down -eats my parrot seeds -licking her paws and our feet -very cuddley -HATES water -let's the cat eat her food :-O
  • Jessica BrandonJessica Brandon Coral Springs FL , Fort LauderPosts: 5Member
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    Phantom is also a toe licker. He is obsessed with feet but mostly womens feet. He is very curious and will stand on his back two legs for an infinite ammount of time to investigate things. He also gets very excited and does this backward circle things.~b~ He will run at you then run backwards and do this spin and is facing you again. He also does this cough bark when he plays with the Hubby. It sounds like an old person trying to get phlem from their throat and its hilarious. He too throws himself at back cushions of the sofa and runs along them sideways like Spiderman! He is loves to lick people in the crook of their arm. He is obesssed with licking my hands when I first get home at night and will often fall asleep with my hand in his mouth like a binky or bottle (he doesnt bite, just nurses on my hand). He is a cartoon maniac |$| and loves that we leave a TV on next to his run just for him during the day with Cartoon Network on. His favorite cartoon? Scooby Doo of course! And lastly he loves to run up behind you when you are walking away and push on the back of your legs. ~d.. as if to say "HEY! Where do you think you're going!?"
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