Newly adopted SP while on leash has not

Mike JacobsenMike Jacobsen Posts: 53Member
edited 31 May, 2012 in Behavior & Training
Our newly adopted 2 year old Standard Poodle is very well mannered, VERY curious, absolutely housetrained despite being raised in a household with way too many dogs. They apparently did not either "play" with him or walk him. Once he gets done with some "sniffing" he walks almost perfectly, but, has yet to urinate on leash. We've had him for a little over a week and my daughter had him for two weeks. He has been walked, sometimes long walks, at last once daily. No urination for our daughter or us. This, if it continues, could be a problem as we plan on camping with him. Suggestions?


  • Saara FrenchSaara French Posts: 166Member
    edited 13 May, 2012
    I would suggest keeping him on leash (even in the backyard to pee) and reward, reward, reward whenever he pees. In his previous home he may have only been walked to pee, and as soon as he eliminated it was back into the house, so he may be holding it to avoid going back inside?
  • Andrea KloppenburgAndrea Kloppenburg ChesapeakePosts: 625Member
    edited 13 May, 2012
    When I adopted my dog Xmas from th shelter she would not pee on a leash. It took her almost a year to pee on leash. We traveled several times with her and she held it for 36 hrs one time without going to the bathroom once. My dogs are not allowed to potty on walks, but I was able to let my other dogs pee in the front yard and then I would walk Xmas around that...she now will pee on leash if wh really has to go.
  • Jessica GardnerJessica Gardner Middle of nowherePosts: 5,375Member
    edited 13 May, 2012
    How long is the leash you're using? Perhaps he needs more space to feel comfortable going. I'd try working it on check cord to get him used to the idea if you're worried about him needing to be able to eliminate on leash.
  • Mike JacobsenMike Jacobsen Posts: 53Member
    edited 31 May, 2012
    FYI. The check cord worked first time. Thank you. And he "really liked" the new "freedom" so walking him the next day, at least initially, was a little difficult. When we corrected him a few times he went back to "perfect walking." One VERY smart dog so far.
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