To adopt an 18 month old Akita or not - this is my question.

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Okay Akita owners, I need your help! I have always had dogs growing up and I am within months of moving out of my parent's house. I began thinking recently of living without a dog and I cannot imagine it. Today I went to my local SPCA to look at an Alaskan Malamute I had seen online; however, upon arrival and a short interaction time I found that the Malamute in question would not be ideal for me due to behavior problems, etc. As I was leaving the shelter I saw a white and black dog that was all skin and bones with his hair hanging in patches. To be honest, it broke my heart that a dog should be treated in such a manner. I instantly inquired and found out that the dog, Taz, was a male Akita around 18 months old. He had been in the shelter a month and was just starting to gain weight. Now, I have had a Collie and Bassett Hound before, and currently have a male and a female Bassett Hound that are brother and sister, but I have been unable to get Taz from my mind. I was able to take him for a short walk, about a mile, before having to leave him at the shelter. He is certainly one of the most mild-mannered dogs that I have had the opportunity to meet, and the shelter workers informed me that he gets along wonderfully with all the other animals at the shelter. Here is my question: should I adopt him? Taz has been in the shelter for a month, but it is very overcrowded and few to no people have shown any interest in adopting him. I am a 6ft1in male and have always wanted a large dog. I have spent probably 6 hours researching Akitas this afternoon and I am returning to spend some more time with Taz tomorrow. At my parent's house we have 1&1/2 acres enclosed with an invisible fence. Our house is two stories, and provides ample space of a dog that size. The house I am going to be moving into at the end of Sept. is a log cabin that offers 2 acres enclosed by an invisible fence. The cabin itself is one bedroom, but the den/kitchen area is open with a lot of room. I have no one to ask these questions of, but as I said, I simply dread the thought of such a sweet and loving dog being put down after an already hard, but short, life. Do you believe that I could meet his needs? Will invisible fencing work or should he be a strictly indoor dog? I am more than willing to put in the time to train him and earn his trust and love, but do you think the area I have to offer will benefit or harm him? Please reply soon as I don't think the shelter will wait for me to decide too long. Thank you for your advice! Hunter


  • Hunter W- SheltonHunter W- Shelton Posts: 4Member
    edited 29 August, 2012
    Also - when I leave home in the months to come I will not be able to take my Bassetts with me. My father has grown too attached to them and absolutely refuses to part with them, thus the Akita delimma. Just wanted to clarify!
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