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The bad sides of raw feeding?

L HL H Posts: 176Member
edited 25 April, 2013 in Raw Food Diet
Hi! I was thinking on this,what things do you think can be cataloged as "the bad side of raw feeding"? Like,for example,you should definitely get a freezer if you want to get the most of it. Some dogs like to run off with meat. Doggy breath smells HORRIBLE when you say hi to another dog on kibble.....same for poop. if you are squeamish...uhhhh...gewt ready. And there are some other pints. for me the only problem so far is the inconsistent poop,but that will be over once the transition of new proteins is done. we already had a massive freezer cause the fridge was full. my dogs eat on towels,and even seem uncomfy without them. Doggy breath from other dogs...and the poop from my cat..oh the smells....and those when Terry had a new protein and i made a mistake...uff...


  • Reagan thrashReagan thrash Posts: 476Member
    edited 23 April, 2013
    U haven't had any bad side effects. But I'm feeding premade raw and so they probably have the ratios all figured out for me. Sandy is an Italian greyhound and they have bad teeth so I brush his teeth 3 times a week so his breath doesn't smell. The good side effect is sandy isn't sick anymore so I'm saving money at the vet!
  • OnyxOnyx Posts: 3,322Member
    edited 23 April, 2013
    Depending on your area, the suppliers you can find, and storage space, raw can be more expensive than kibble. In many cases you do save money in the long run via reduced vet bills, but that's no help if you can't afford the initial costs. It's more time consuming than kibble (portioning/freezing meat, defrosting, preparing meals, cleaning, ect.). Some dogs get possessive with raw.
  • L HL H Posts: 176Member
    edited 23 April, 2013
    I introduced Terry since he was two months old,and i slowly taught him i either trade with him,or just ask nicely for his food. none of them are really aggressive at all,only warning off each other. so,the possessiveness its more of an issue on training/trading than anything else. It does take time,thawing the portions and once or twice a week,organize everything. Here,a bag of 15 lb of dog food would be 41 dollars,and that is also the cost of getting meat on the supermarket,buying in bulk for three weeks. How fast your dog goes true a bag of kibble? i had two big adult dogs and they ate 15 lb's in a week. feeding twice a day.
  • OnyxOnyx Posts: 3,322Member
    edited 23 April, 2013
    I've never fed my dog kibble, so I have no idea how much he would eat. Although I imagine the amount would vary widely depending on the quality of the kibble anyway. I was merely listing common downsides to raw, as I thought that was the question. I didn't say any of those things applied specifically to myself or my dog.
  • Pamela SpinkPamela Spink Posts: 1,429Member
    edited 24 April, 2013
    Hmm, downsides? My freezer (16 cubic feet) is not big enough :)) People's negative reactions. "Your dog eats WHAT?" "Won't that make them vicious?" "Bones will kill them, ya know." "They'll get salmonella!" "Dogs aren't designed to eat raw meat." Amongst other things... Farts. This might not apply to everyone's dogs, but my Shiba has the WORST farts when he eats certain meats. Raw barf. This is seriously disgusting. At least on kibble it's like, gross mush. On raw? It's like rotten death. Cost. When I don't get free stuff, I can't feed all three dogs raw. Meat isn't too expensive in my area, but a 40 pound bag of Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete goes for $35 and lasts both 50 pound mutts two months. Raw costs me $20-30 a month for one 25 pound Shiba.
  • Deborah RubenfeldDeborah Rubenfeld EriePosts: 308Member
    edited 24 April, 2013
    For me its cost. I am feeding a close to 200 lb mastiff and my two main suppliers have dried up (for now) for different reasons, so I have had to rely on store meat and ordering online. Having said that, if he wasn't on raw, I would likely be spending more on pre-made or something like Ziwipeak. I think I am paying around $200 a month on meat for Oscar at the moment. :-O
  • Tess TessTess Tess Posts: 161Member
    edited 24 April, 2013
    A lot of boarding places do not provide refrigeration for dog food and will not board a dog unless the dog will eat kibble.
  • Krista LynnKrista Lynn Posts: 5,021Member
    edited 24 April, 2013
    I swear the good food it making Jewel's nails grow thicker and faster. :-#
  • OnyxOnyx Posts: 3,322Member
    edited 24 April, 2013
    Jewel, I wouldn't be at all surprised. Ferrets on a raw diet need their nails clipped about twice as often as kibble fed. Stands to reason it could be the same for dogs.
  • Krista LynnKrista Lynn Posts: 5,021Member
    edited 24 April, 2013
    Pain in the butt!! I trim them every two weeks and feel like I'm getting no where in getting them shorter just keeping them from getting longer, know what I mean? :))
  • Tammy giffordTammy gifford anchoragePosts: 1,079Member
    edited 25 April, 2013
    cost and time, oh and freezer is not big enough. Those are pretty nice troubles to have! ~d..
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