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Hello!! Terry is four months and 14 days old,and recently has started to to chew on various things he didn't in the past,so i believe he must be teething as it seems to want to chew*he was "chewing" with the molars at my finger,something he never does* and i think his gums are a little swollen. He gets exercise,a 20 minute walk,play and training,aside from being on raw food which gives him chewing time. I patted down some of the wood corners and the hamper he has been chewing with vicks vapor rub,and it seems to be working,if not i will then try hot sauce in a spray bottle. I was also thinking of giving him a branch from one of our trees,we have cherry,orange and mango a tree,but that could hurt his mouth. I am getting lots of toys for him to chew on,he already has some,but the more he has,the less he will bite the wrong things. He also has a baby toy which you freeze and he loves it,but it thaws quite rapidly.*yes its safe* So,any ideas on how to keep him away from "prohibited"items and what can I give him?


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    Wetting and freezing a wash cloth is supposed to make a good chew for teething puppies. Cheaper than buying more toys. You could have several in the freezer so he'd never be without one. As far as keeping him from chewing inappropriate items, your best bet is going to be prevention. Most puppies are going to chew things you'd rather they didn't chew, whether they're teething or not. Supervise constantly so you'll immediately see if he starts to chew something he shouldn't and you can redirect him onto a toy. Whenever you can't watch him, put him in a crate, x-pen, or some other safe area. Not only will it keep your belongings safe, it will keep him safe by ensuring he doesn't chew/ingest something that could hurt him.
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    Well i wanted to try the rags,but then my mom pointwd out the fact that those will melt and therefore wet everything. So i discarded it at the moment and its hard for me to keep him on a puppy room or area of the house because we don't have spare rooms and most of the things he bites are at my mom's bathroom and...it has no door*fail* also they're potty area is there. They will be trained *housebroken* soon but until they learn...there is no simple way :p. He did not chew like this before. Its started after he got four months old.
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    It is a lot of work but you need to constantly be watching Terry, or to the best of your ability. When you see him chewing give him one of his toys to chew on, to divert his attention. Hazel is 5 months now and i have not had to much trouble getting her to chew on bones. When she is chewing on something she is not supposed to I get her attention away or give her a bone to chew. Sometimes I will even sit with her and hold the bone for her.
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    I stuffed Roxy's kong and froze it overnight. Seemed to help with sore gums. I also sprayed everything she shouldn't chew on with bitter apple spray. She demolished my wicker hamper before I discovered that spray.
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