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A month ago or so,I took Terry to get his shots done,and since he had*still gets them :(* ticks,the lady told us about bathing him only once a week cause dogs produce a grease that protects they're coat*thus giving them the smell i think* Is this truth or just another myth? I know that dogs on commercial food stink because of the trash it really contains,they're coats are greasy and dull. So,the thing about the oil its just another one of those things that we atribute to "normal"dogs?. And here is my question. I am currently feeding Taste Of The Wild Raw. TOTW is in the mornings*or night* and Raw is any other time,same as kibble,morning or night. The Raw meal is they're full meal of the day,i give them kibble as a light breakfast. I have read that dog's PH level goes up when they are eating kibble,but comes down to natural levels with raw. Does this affects them? I do wait till they had pooped or it is at least night time to feed raw. At least eight to nine hours pass before i give them raw. I know a lot of Raw kibble feeders here. Please share yout though on this.


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    My *opinion* on this is a healthy dog is less attractive to pests. Dogs, like most mammals secrete protective oils to limit water loss. Too much harsh shampoo can remove too much oil but it should be easily replaced. Usually not rinsing enough will damage the skin more than removing that oil. Sassy had flea allergy and was the one that collected ticks as well. Her skin was a bit dry and on kibble it stunk. The usual doggy smell it was. That went away on home cooked food and apparently that stink was mostly caused by anal sac secretions that stopped being a bother on fresh food. Max is not attractive to fleas or ticks. Two exceptions. Two summers ago he was having serious ear goo and he did have several fleas killed during a bath so he got flea drops. It turned out sardines were a problem and off sardines no fleas and no ear goo - no more flea drops either. We did have a huge tick issue last summer, had to be 500 adult ticks after a hike. None attached but they sure itched and even after removing most of them we still had to get up in the middle of the night to find more. I don't think dog skin oil is stinky as Max doesn't and never did stink. His fur seems to have plenty of oil in it as it now takes a bit of work to get it wet during baths. Sassy's coat always was far more water repellent, stayed so on home cooked food and still smelled less. No opinion on kibble plus raw other than watch your dogs. If they are handling it then it is fine.
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    It's been many years since we had a dog that was kibble fed. All I can talk about is how Crash is. He was fed RAW from 4 months until now, so about 4 full years. He is not smelly at all, not greasy at all and had puppy soft fur. I wont touch a kibble fed dog. They are "GROSS" quite frankly. Crash has never had any issues with flea, ticks or other pests. Can I attribute this to RAW or the fact we live in Alaska and the pests seem to be less annoying here? I don't know.
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    Holy smokes! none of my dgs smell,P.J used to be smelly within HOURS of having a bath. her fur so soft and shiny. This is her recently: and yes,kibble fed dogs are...oh God...Dry.greasy,smelly.....I petted one the other day and I almost fainted. I would never go back to feeding them only kibble. not only seeing them eating from bowls,but thinking about how boring that is compared to raw,or how they can get gum deseases from only eating that,even if it is grain-free,super-premium-something,won't stop it from dirtying they're teeth. Terry only gets a bath because he gets dirty*playing on the ground/jumping on muddy/dirty water...* One thing,now that i am on the topic,how do you guys clean they're heads at bath time?? i don't wash mines.
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    My dogs get a bath about once every 3 months unless we take them to the beach - they get a bath when we get home to get the salt out. As far as the head... I use the hand-held spray and I would put the nozzle flush on his forehead and then under his chin. I hold the scruff of the neck so he doesn't do the shake. I then rub soap all over his face and chin, being careful not to get it n the eyes and then do the spray nozzle thing again to rinse,
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    None of my dogs have ever had fleas, whether that be on raw or kibble (and all different quality levels of kibble at that). Kolbe gets greasy and oily quite fast (and seems to absorb dirt quickly), and it does not matter what she is eating. Kibble, raw, supplemented, non-supplemented.... she just has crapola skin, this is my conclusion after trying to fix it for the past 7 years. I think raw can definitely help a lot of dogs with that, but it's not a miracle cure-all for every dog -- Kolbe's general condition is the same regardless of her diet. Which is unfortunate, but that's how it is. Guster is also generally the same condition regardless of his diet, except his fur is a little bit softer on raw -- I wouldn't say monumentally softer, and other people probably wouldn't notice, but enough for me to notice. For my dogs the main benefits are in the teeth cleaning above anything else. Kolbe gets a monthly bath otherwise she becomes unpleasant to pet (to me ... other people don't seem to notice/care). Guster can go longer without a bath -- his fur is sort of dirt-repellant. As for washing their heads, I just hold their muzzles and tip their heads back, and I keep a rag handy in case I get any in their eyes so I can wipe it away.
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