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I know there're only a few of us in existence (last count, 1500 in the world), but if any of us lived close (or close-ish) to each other, wouldn't that be fun? We could get together and play sometimes. What say you? I am in Philadelphia, PA, about 10 minutes from Southern New Jersey. Where is everyone else?


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    This is so funny to me. I don't often come on dogster, but randomly was on here tonight and saw your pic of Lilith. I recognized her picture. We have her sister Abby. We kept Carolyn's name and have loved her since we got her. We live in TX, so coming over to play probably won't be possible, but it is fun to see another one of Ziva's pups on the web. Do you have an up to date photo. I'd love to see her now.
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    Wow! I do remember Abby too!! I'm not sure if you recieved her before or after I picked up Lilith. When I met Carolyn, there were 4 other pups there (she was also baby sitting another friend's litter) so I'm not sure if I saw you in person or not! How strange! There are a few more-up-to-date pictures of Lilith on her main page. She got a lot darker as predicted, but still keeps the tan color at the roots of her hair. How big is Abby now?? :)
  • Kristen SaltsmanKristen Saltsman Posts: 2Member
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    I think Lilith is lighter than Abby. I looked at your pics, she has a lot more light grey than Abby does (or that's what I see in the pics). Abby has black top hairs, but her under hair is clearly grey and when we brush her the grey stands out a lot more. Her face is definitely grey. It gets hot here, so I know she'll lose a lot of hair as we warm up. It was 97 yesterday, which is crazy. I bet you did meet Abby. We got her at the last week of Jan. She flew with a solid white pup (one I know Carolyn was watching). Abby is 12 inches, and Carolyn was confident she'd be a mini after I told her that #. How tall is Lilith? She is our only pup and we just love her to death. We are the only ones in our town that have one, so she attracts a lot of attention here. Fox, Wolf, Cat, Husky, Coyote are all terms people have used to describe Abby. Our PetSmart trainer is fascinated by her, and swears that Abby winks at her. It is comical.
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    Lilith has black/dark grey top hairs, but her undercoat is a peachy color! Abby probably flew with Skyline Kennel's white pup; Shy little girl.. Did she find her home in TX too? Lilith is 12 inches now too! So I guess she'll be a mini too, if Carolyn thinks your little 12in. girl will be a mini. We were counting on a toy, but as these things go, you can't control growing.. :)) She'll probably have to go into checked luggage because of her size when we fly with her instead of in-cabin, but hopefully things will be okay. Even here in Philadelphia, Lilith is the only one around too.. makes for interesting conversations, though a few people have told me they were going to steal her! :O
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    I am in Virgnia :D
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  • GENE LEEGENE LEE Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1Member
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    Los Angeles here.
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    Los Angelas :)
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    Acta- eas is impossibly cute!!
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    One for Las Vegas:-h
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