Golden Or Lab?

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Hello everyone!!. I am currently thinking that in the future i would love to get a golden retriever*my favorite breed* or a lab. I love Goldens to no end,but. I put my health and my dogs's wellbeing first and foremost. I live in a tropical islans(Dominican Republic) with very unstable climate. It can be really sunny at times and then pouring down a storm the next second. But it is mostly sunny and hot all the time. I love to walk and happily walk two hours with my current furballs and play. I suffer from allergies,so any fur makes me sneeze,yet i own a cat and survive that lol. De-shedding with a shed monster will end this soon when i get it...hope so. If i get any of the breeds i will teach them useful stuff like retrieve any thing that falls on the floor*i am visually limited and blind from one eye* I will also be Raw feeding. If its a female I will spay her after a year old,maybe two. Same for a male. So: the Golden would have to tolerate heat,fortunately not much since i walk in the fresh hours twice a day and my house well ventilated and we sleep with air conditioner..Lab will be less bothered by heat. They both Shed a lot but that may be controllable. Both will have plenty of excercise and what to do when i am not around. In short: i have medium to low energy in terms of excercise. Live in a hot/cold climate. I have other household pets such as chikens,the cat,parrot and love birds. Which of the two would fit me better?. Also i live in a two story house and i already have had a mutt the size of a golden/lab so i know what i will get.


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    Labs aren't crazy about heat either. At least not the ones I've had. One wanted to be in the cooler basement all summer and the current one does not like to come out of the air conditioned house. Both of them were/are extra large labs. A smaller more standard one might be different, but I don't think so. It gets really hot here in the summer - and Savvy is a field bred dog, so you think she would be a little more rugged. But she hates hot weather. In the summer for exercise I take her swimming as walking is a real hardship for her.
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    Labs are no more heat tolerant than Goldens since Lab coats are actually very thick. Especially if they are any color other than yellow. The same goes for shedding, Labs have a larger actual number of hairs, they are just shorter. As far as shedding goes, Lab hairs tend to stick to things while Golden hair gathers in balls like tumble weed. The main thing is that both Labs and Goldens are active dogs and don't do well if they are expected to be low energy dogs....they can be really annoying, really really annoying like you want to kill them annoying.
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    Lol! I have had lots of "i want to kill you" active dogs. I am medium in activity level. Ridiculosly,lots of the dogs i though where very high turned to be medium and got tired with two hours of walking and intensive play with a flirt pole for about 15 minutes. I will make sure to pick the right pup. Something curious is that a friend of mine got a pit-mix the other day and she was supposedly very calm when he saw her at the breeder's house and turned to be a crazy. But. It could be two things: it was already tired. Or right now its laking excercise and stimulation. I always go in the morning when the pups would be the more hyper.
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    Neither. I had a lab mix and she shed constantly. I loved her and would get her groomed every so often. I have mild dog allergies (to certain breeds) she didn't bother me, though Goldens and Labs are not known to be hypoallergenic, so they could set off your allergies or might not. A Poodle or any of the "water dog" breeds might be a good choice. They don't shed, they too, are natural retrievers and can be groomed in the summertime so the heat doesn't bother them as much and are generally considered hypoallergenic.
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