Some tips with my yorkie

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Hello!. Don't pay atention to my pic,terry is big now lol. He weight 10 lb and is a little bigger and heavy boned than a normal yorkie. I want to train him to do some helpful task around my home. The first is passing me anything that falls because i have poor vision and second i am blind from the right eye so i need help getting stuff when they fall. Also would like to teach him to hold/retrieve*something he does while playing* and to go to various members of the family,so he can go and give deliver stuff to them. But. Since he is small i would like to know how do i go with it and what other useful things can i teach him?. He is also a good jumper. Thank you!.


  • Valerie BodenValerie Boden Posts: 19Member
    edited 1 January, 2014
    There are tons of videos on youtube the demonstrate how to teach your dog to retrieve, & other tasks that you might need. If your pup likes to please you shouldn't have too much trouble getting him to do the things you mentioned. Good luck, & happy training! ~d.. I'll find some links for you & post them latter, unless others chime in ;)
  • L HL H Posts: 176Member
    edited 1 January, 2014
    Thanks!! I was watching some vids from Donna Hill and Kikopup. Learning lots with them. I just now want to figure out what other things to teach him since is small.
  • Valerie BodenValerie Boden Posts: 19Member
    edited 2 January, 2014 has a list of commands that ppl teach their dogs & a lot of good training tips. If you're brave- Facebook has several 'owner trained service dog groups. Many of the ppl on them have small dogs that do amazing things. Donna & kikipup are the main youtube videos I was thinking of. Hope the leads help, I'm surprised no one else has given you any ideas... Guess it's due to Holidays. Good luck, keep trying. ~d..
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