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I would like to have my dog's just run but the thing is,i feel like me just running with them won't do. The thing is i hqve balance issues *because i'm blind from one eye* i think that gives me lots of troubles with riding a bike,i had never tried with a small one*lol i'm also short* Roller blades make me uneasy and i was thinking of getting a four wheel scooter,but i could only find the big ones for people with limited mobility. How can i run with them?. Is there any alternative? My balance issue is almost nonexistant with walking and running on foot,its only annoying when riding a bike or any of the sort. Maybe is my lack of experience/practice. Help?


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    There's a dog owner in my area that has a tricycle that he hooks his dogs up to it for dryland mushing. If you have ever seen these adult tricycles they are pretty cool and prefect for people with poor balance. They also come in recumbent style (more expensive) that allows you to sit comfortably. Having at least three wheels though will help with balance on bike if you really want to get them running with you at higher speeds. Make sure you use the appropriate equipment such as a harness designed for pulling, a gangline, and other equipment. Beo and I do canicross on our local rail trail. He is always pulling and wanting to go too fast at first, but halfway into it he slows down as he starts to tire out. Your dogs will appreciate you just getting up and out with them. :)
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    I was considering tricycles but i am a short and small person so i don't know if it would be comfy to ride it. I was even thinling on getting wheels that you can attatch to a bike like training wheels but of good quality and adults. The thing is that have a tendency to lise traction when you take a curve abd that could be dangerous.
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    I think a bike would be better. Adding wheels starts to up your odds of taking a spill. You may be less likely to sway too far to one side or the other, but when you do, you've got almost no chance of recovery. Some of the dry-line mushing rigs are extremely wobbly, too... I imagine it depends on the model. I don't think there's anything wrong with "just" canicross. Unless you're looking to sprint short distances... A lot of running is about endurance, not speed. They're different, but equally valid forms of exercise. If you practice roller blading, you may find it works very well for you. You need to be proficient at whatever you choose before you hook the dogs up. It takes time to master rolling blading, but it is a more natural extension of your legs than being up on a bike or rig.
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